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Are you sick of having computer problems? Of getting constant bills for email and IT issues you thought had been fixed?

Are you sure you can restore data from your backup system? Get answers now with itro's free IT Assessment and Report.

Get Direct Answers About Your IT Issues NOW through itro's Free IT Health Check.

What is included in our free IT Assessment, valued at $1,500?

itro’s IT Assessment starts with a senior engineer calling you to get an idea of what issues and frustrations you’re dealing with. We’ll then organise an onsite visit to check what you have, what is working and what isn’t.

Finally, we give you an easy to understand, actionable Report that tells you exactly how we can resolve your computer problems, which we guarantee! At this point, the only cost to you is your time.

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Boost Your Business Productivity And Take Control Of Your IT Spend, Guaranteed by itro

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service whilst offering the very best IT solutions to increase your business productivity and success!

Use itro to find out:

  • If Your Business is exposed to Cyberattack
  • If Your Team Knows How to Spot and Block Hoax or Malicious Emails
  • What Devices are Networked, and which Devices Could be Networked
  • How to Identify and Secure Devices that are Online ‘Gateways’ to Your Business Data
  • What it costs, per month, for itro to Manage Your IT through one of our Managed Support Plans
This Advice Usually Costs Our Clients $1,500

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By working with us, you can be sure that you are getting professional, high quality IT support, with the best solutions tailored to your business to increase your productivity, security and success.


We are certain that our managed IT support services will save you money in the long term and increase your current IT security systems to the level you need. However, we understand that this is a big step, big change, and a decision you can’t make overnight. That is why we want to offer you a FREE IT Health Check!


What’s Included In itro’s Health Check?


itro’s FREE IT Health Check examines your computers, communication systems, security tools, internet connections and networked devices to identify all ‘unhygienic’, toxic or impractical elements that are triggering your IT pain points. Our engineers translate their technical findings into a simple report that itemises each issue, how it currently impacts your business, associated risks and how it can be fixed.

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