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Outsource your IT support services to itro and your team can work from any location. We manage the risks and frustrations of IT and cyber security for you.

IT Support Services

We know, from experience, the most cost effective, secure and pleasing way to provide IT support to SMEs and Firms with 1-100 employees is subscribing to our managed services plans. For this reason we have also developed specialised support plans for new start-ups and businesses with 1-5 employees. Our plans cover the daily support needs of your team and proactively manage, report and monitor 24/7 the health of your IT systems and security. You gain the security of knowing what IT support will cost you each month, and our engineers have the security of knowing every measure is in place, and monitored, to keep your systems working and protected.

Our onsite and remote support will maximise the efficiency and cyber security of your devices and systems across your work sites, on-premises and in the cloud. As we specialise in providing IT Support for Legal and Financial Organisations, we also know how to ensure your systems are industry compliant to protect your brand and reputation. Our responsibility is to support your team and proactively keep your office working.

Infrastructure Projects​

Your infrastructure is all the technology – physical, virtual and software – that you use to conduct your business operations, communications, keep your systems and data cyber safe, and go to market. When any component of your infrastructure has problems or fails, it has immediate effect on your business or Firm’s ability to operate, protect your data and/or communicate. Which is why it’s very important any upgrades or new additions to your IT Infrastructure are carefully planned to integrate smoothly with your existing systems, software and devices. We take great care to identify and resolve any potential causes of conflict or connectivity issues before commencing an Infrastructure project. Our responsibility in managing your Infrastructure projects is to ensure the quality of your IT and availability to services is never compromised.

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IT Consulting​

We become your outsourced team of local engineers to search out, examine and test new products, cloud offerings, on-premises and virtual solutions, and cyber security. itro will to advise you on the advantages and/or disadvantages to your specific site requirements, cyber security and operational needs. As we specialise in providing IT Support for Legal and Financial Organisations, we also know how to ensure our advice keeps your systems industry compliant to protect your brand and reputation.

IT Procurement

When you buy your IT through itro, such as devices, VoIP systems, consumables, Internet or software subscriptions, you will always get business-grade devices and solutions at a fair price. And our support does not end with delivery to your premises.


We offer you more in value and support than retail or large telecommunication companies, because we manage the life cycle of any device, software or service you buy through us. We want to build a strong, lasting relationship with you from the service you receive before, during and after you make a purchase through itro.