Backup and Disaster Recovery

Monitored backup and disaster recovery solutions that work

It's not ‘backup’ that matters, it's recovering your data.

Having Data Backup saves you time, money and embarrassment, and Disaster Recovery saves your business from unforeseen disasters – if your backup solution is working.

One of the most common problems we find auditing new client sites is backup systems that don’t work. This is why it’s not having backup that matters – it’s being able to recover data when original files get accidentally deleted, lost through equipment failure, file corruption or theft, or destroyed by a disgruntled employee. True security comes when you save your data to three locations. Save a copy of your work on the device your use, a second copy to your onsite backup solution and a third copy to secure data storage offsite.

Whilst a good backup solution is the perfect way to protect your critical data, disaster recovery is all about continuity for your business.

Disaster recovery backs up your systems and files. Your office could be obliterated tomorrow but all you need to keep your business or Practice operating is a device on which to download your saved systems and files.

Check out our support plans to see how we incorporate our backup and disaster recovery options

Lock in your ability to recover files and systems through itro’s two managed backup solutions, itro File Backup Recovery (FBR) and itro System Backup Recovery (SBR).

Both solutions give you dual backup, on-premises and to the cloud. With itro guarding your data, your sensitive information cannot be stolen, lost, forged or misused as our backup solutions incorporate block-level encryption. We can restore your data to any location with working internet. Our engineers will proactively manage and report on your backup systems, ensuring you’re ready to quickly recover crucial documents and systems should ‘the unexpected’ happen.

How to check your file backup is working.

Always check your backup is working by asking your IT Provider or internal team to do a live restore of a selection of older files. As a suggestion, ask to see a restore of an older Word or Excel file you haven’t edited in 3 months, or ask them to show you a restore of a month-old file from cloud or third-party apps, such as QuickBooks. If they can’t give you a live restore, or give excuses, please call one of our engineers now for advice.

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