Managing your voice and phone connections seamlessly

Flexible voice services.

Reduce the hardware costs and limitations of your traditional on-premises phone system by subscribing to one of itro’s hosted VoIP phone solutions. itro’s VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) plans are the perfect cloud-based communication solutions for start-ups, SMEs and Firms. itro VoIP gives you full access to all the features and functionality of a traditional office phone system, and the flexibility to connect and transfer office calls from any internet-enabled device. Once you install an itro VoIP solution onto your internet-enabled Windows, Android or Apple IOS devices you can transfer calls, put calls on hold and make ‘internal calls’ to your team and remote workers as easily as if you were in an office together. Never worry again about trying to work out complicated systems of diversions to your home phone and mobile numbers whenever you leave your office premises.


We take the complexities out of communication systems.

VoIP can be a difficult service to provision seamlessly because of backend technical complexities and involvement of third-party providers. Our local team of engineers have extensive experience installing, hosting and managing communication systems for businesses, Firms and Financial Institutions. We use our technical expertise and focus on customer service to manage the various parties involved in provisioning your VoIP system and ensuring it works well, seamlessly. In fact, VoIP is the system we use at itro, including our Service Desk, to take and manage calls and give our team the flexibility to work from home. With our experience, focus on customer service and use of quality on-premises and cloud voice services, we know our engineers can set up and manage any phone, teleconferencing or communication requirements you have.

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