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24/7 proactive, dedicated cyber security against known and evolving threats

CISO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, MDs and Practice Managers

Do you have the support, internal resources and layered security you need to protect your data and work safely online?


Don’t accept compromise of your cyber security!


itro Managed Detect & Respond (MDR), backed by our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) gives you dedicated, proactive security against identified and evolving cyber attacks.

itro Managed Detect & Respond
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Are these RISKS impacting you?


  • have limited internal team resources;
  • don’t have the tools you need to deal with sophisticated, evolving attacks
  • feel tested at a personal level with higher role expectations and uncertainty about your liability;
  • are at increased risk from high staff turnover;
  • are not sure where to start, or feel challenged by what you don’t know; or
  • can’t afford to be a victim of cybercrime.


Then itro MDR is the dedicated, 24/7 security resource you need to regain your confidence and control.

Discover how to strengthen your cyber security and streamline costs with itro MDR and our proactive Managed Support Plan. 

BENEFITS of having 24/7 Managed Detect and Respond

With itro Managed Detect & Respond you get:

  • itro’s team of highly skilled and experienced engineers to support your team;
  • backed up with 24/7 detect and respond surveillance by our Security Operations Centre; and
  • business-grade security resources dedicated to keeping your data and systems cyber safe.


Our team of engineers love itro MDR. It takes business security to the next level with genuine, 24-7 monitored support. Monitored cyber security is embedded into your physical and virtual devices, protecting you and your team wherever you workyour office, home or remote locations.

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Mobile Cyber Security

A complete security solution for your Business or Firm’s mobile working needs

itro MDR uses a combination of people, security tools and AI to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber threats. As well as recognising thousands of known and emerging viruses and malware attacks, including crypto mining, it also investigates unusual processes and activities to identify corrupt source processes and system settings. With cyber criminals using legitimate, built-in software macros to gain undetected access to systems, this is a crucial layer to remain cyber safe.


itro MDR blocks attacks from ‘trusted’ and ‘untrusted’ applications. Quarantined applications and files are immediately assessed to reduce false positives and qualified threats are quickly remedied. If required, affected files are rolled back to previous secure versions your team can safely work with, maximising their security and productivity.

Cyber criminals use sophisticated strategies and attack businesses of all sizes. Not knowing from where or when an incident will happen, 24/7 security support is crucial to protect your business and data. Which is why most IT security monitoring systems include a Security Operations Centre (SOC).

What is a Security Operations Centre (SOC)?

A SOC is the central hub of your monitored security operations. Security tools and AI-systems are used to identify threats and anomalies, which are then assessed by engineers. Herein lies a key element to genuine 24/7 security. Whilst it’s easy to guarantee 24/7 detection, not all SOCs have the human resources available 24/7 to oversee and respond alerts.


itro is proud to partner with a SOC whose team of engineers are available 24/7. Immediately a security breach is identified, affected devices are quarantined. Threats are then quickly assessed by engineers and neutralised. Affected devices are cleaned, preventing infection from spreading across your network.


Contact us now to arrange our premium, business-grade transportable cyber security for your team and devices, .

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