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Plans and Pricing
What will itro do for me?
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What will itro do for me?
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Customised cloud solutions work. Microsoft Gold Partner.


kikki.K [then] Testimonial
I know I can get on with working alongside Kristina and build our business while specialists at itro deal with everything IT.
Paul Lacy [Partner kikki.K]
kikki.K [then]
kikki.K [today] Testimonial
As the company [kikki.K] has grown, itro has been with us every step of the way with a full understanding of the business and a comittment to supporting the increasingly complex ICT needs of the business.
John Bryce [CFO kikki.K]
kikki.K [today]
Stuart Wines Company Testimonial
Peter has had a long term business relationship with itro and has full confidence in their ability to walk into any business environment and implement a reliable IT system.
Peter Wilson [Chief Winemaker, Managing Director]
Stuart Wines Company
Edible Blooms Testimonial
We have an IT infrastructure designed for our immediate and long-term needs - which means we're able to minimise expenditure - and every staff member knows that whenever they have any IT question or problem, it's a single phone call.
Kelly Baker-Jamieson [Owner]
Edible Blooms
Westminster Lawyers Testimonial
One of our directors had worked with itro at another practice and gave them a strong recommendation... We all noticed the difference immediately after itro's upgrade. Our ICT systems now run faster, they're much more reliable, and in turn our productivity has improved dramatically.
Michelle Lopez [Practice Manager]
Westminster Lawyers

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Qualified Microsoft experts with advanced knowledge of Microsoft Technologies

Qualified Microsoft experts with advanced knowledge of Microsoft Technologies