Paradigm Group

Increasing their productivity, efficiency and data security

We have helped Paradigm with their IT systems and have provided them with quality IT solutions to increase their productivity and overall data security.

Paradigm’s Business Challenges

  • Low productivity
  • Outdated software caused issues such as:
    • Unable to open PDF’s or exchange files with other partners
    • Not compatible with some business line applications
  • Slow internet
  • Unresponsive applications and programs

itro fixed this with:

  • Replaced their ancient version of Office 365 that is not compatible with the cloud. The latest version is cloud-optimized
  • itro projects team implemented managed migration to new cloud platform ensuring no unscheduled downtime
  • Azure provides a platform to scale up as a business needs to
  • High-speed internet connectivity helped performance issues.
  • Network analysis identified a much faster connection was available for better value
  • Installed a firewall to improve network connectivity

Poor IT Support from the Previous Provider

  • Unresponsive IT provider caused issues such as:
    • Long wait times to speak with a technician
    • Slow to resolve issues limiting employees productivity
    • Frustrated staff leading to morality issues.
  • Inadequate customer service

itro fixed this with:

  • Paradigm subscribing to an all-inclusive support package
  • Installing specialised agents to pro-actively monitor and identify issues
  • Monthly comprehensive monitoring reports
  • A Local Service Desk with an average wait-time on hold is 60 seconds
  • Account manager assigned
  • A structured case manager and issue escalation

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