Infrastructure Projects

Keeping your office and team working

Our responsibility is to ensure the quality of your IT and availability to services is never compromised.

To deliver on our promise of ensuring the quality of your IT and availability to services is never compromised and build a long term partnership, which is what we want, we need to establish two things. We need to understand your existing Infrastructure and ensure our business values are complementary.

Your business values as a Practice Manager, business owner or senior management not only shape your view of ‘success’, but also the type of partnership an outsourced IT Provider can have with you.

For example, if you are looking for ‘cheap and cheerful IT’ using consumer grade hardware or unlicensed software, or are willing to overpay for subscriptions and services under the guise of ‘24/7 support’ and complex contracts, itro is not the MSP for you.


Once you approve an upgrade or addition to your Infrastructure, our senior engineers manage the project using our structured workflow processes. This ensures your project is carried out smoothly with as little interruption as possible to your infrastructure, team and daily business operations.

Our Values

Our values commit us to delivering business grade services and support. We won’t go below our standards to sell you short on consumer grade devices or solutions, or hold back from giving you candid advice.


We deliver on our promises


Built through close relationships


In what we do


In our work


To do the right thing

A guided assessment of your service requirements.

One of our senior engineers will perform a thorough onsite audit of your existing IT Infrastructure – physical, virtual and software. The IT Infrastructure Audit Report you will receive from us will help you assess what you have and need, based on where your workforce is located, your communication and connectivity requirements, what applications and data your team needs to do their jobs and any data or network access restrictions. 

We also identify the level of cyber security you have, potential areas of conflict (such as incompatible software or devices), any major concerns (such as defunct data backup, security weaknesses or non-compliance to industry privacy standards), and the robustness and availability of services you require. For example, how important is it that your team has 24/7 access to your data and systems? Once we know what’s important to you, and vital to your business operations and data security, we will advise the best on-premises and virtual options available to suit your budget, immediate and future needs.

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