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Being happy with your internet service and costs is deceptively hard to achieve. What should be an easy business decision that will critically impact your operations has been made overly complex by retail telecommunication suppliers misrepresenting who they work for, deceptive statistics, empty promises and a confusing array of service options and bundled internet plans. Whilst the key components of good business internet are easily defined*, the backend of telecommunications is complex. To choose the right, business-grade internet connection for your needs and budget requires an engineer’s insight into how a telco configures their network and manages traffic, and how connections are commissioned and managed.

itro is a customer service company that manages all IT, internet and communication solutions for small to medium businesses, with specialised skills in assisting Legal Practices, Financial Institutions and internal IT Managers.

Our team of engineers will proactively manage your internet connections to ensure they remain working and cost effective. We have wholesale arrangements with multiple network providers for business-grade NBN and privately-owned fibre networks. Our pricing is competitive, and you get the advantage of itro’s engineers managing every aspect of your connections. When you get your internet through itro, you’ll never waste time again waiting on-hold on a telco call-centre queue. Our engineers see straight through invalid excuses and will ensure you get the service you were promised. Any issues with your connections are our problem to fix, not yours.

How can you get low cost, high-speed internet for your business?

Making costs your primary factor in selecting a plan can lead you to choosing a service that sounds great but doesn’t have business-grade SLA’s (defined Service Level Agreements) or guarantees on availability of services (up-time). *The key elements you want to get right include:

Availability of services in your area and across your work sites, including remote workers​

What guarantees, if any, are being made on how fast you can upload and download data (bandwidth speeds)

Whether a service is consumer-use or business grade (which impacts ‘uptime’ SLAs and the level of support you will receive);

The terms of a plan (how long you are locked into a contract) and any conditions on cancelling or moving a connection;

As well as how much your connection will cost you.

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