Giving Back

Philanthropic Support for Rossbourne School


At itro we believe in the importance of giving back to our community. We have a history of philanthropic support for causes we are passionate about including mental health, cancer research and motor neurone disease. Itro provides professional services on a low fee or no fee basis to a number of not for profit organisations which includes one of Australia’s largest medical research fundraisers, Victoria’s largest indigenous community health organisation, several educational facilities and a prominent Melbourne animal shelter.


This year we are encouraging our clients and friends to join with us in supporting an outstanding educational facility Rossbourne School in Hawthorn, Victoria. This is a unique Australian school providing specialist education and training.


Rossbourne specifically helps students aged 12 to 17 years, with identifiable learning disorders to achieve their full potential both educationally and socially. The already stretched resources and facilities of mainstream schools are not adequate to properly support the special needs of these students.


The reason we are aware of the difference Rossbourne makes to the lives of its students is because a child of one of our staff members is a student at the school. We have seen students who were overwhelmed socially and falling behind academically at mainstream primary school go to Rossbourne where they have grown in confidence, developed a circle of peers, achieved otherwise unobtainable learning outcomes and have been properly prepared for their transition to life beyond the school gates.


Rossbourne is a very small school so there are many students on their waiting list who do not get the opportunity to attend the school. Government funding and school fees fall short of meeting the costs to grow this unique educational program and institution.


Read about the fantastic work Rossbourne School is doing, and learn how you can support them via the following link –http://www.rossbourne.vic.edu.au and click on the DONATIONS tab.

Call itro on 1800 10 3000 or fill in the form below to discuss further.