IT Support for Finance

IT Support tailored to you

  • Customised hardware and software
  • Adapted to suit the requirements of the financial industry
  • Compliant with Australian Law


Other companies provide you with the appropriate hardware and software specific to the finance industry, but very few understand the type of support that is necessary for full utilisation of IT systems. At itro, we not only provide the right systems and support to allow your IT systems to achieve peak performance but also provided quality customer service.

Cloud-Based Phone System

Did you know

The cost of a cyber attack to a business is $276,323 and takes 23 days to resolve

MailGuard 2016

Secure IT Systems

Your IT system is the lifeblood of your firm because a single attack could cost thousands of dollars and more importantly, your business’s reputation.


Reliable and Secure IT Support for Finance / Accounting Firms


What happens when your Wi-Fi or PC goes down? How much time will you lose before it’s fixed? Every minute your IT systems are down is crucial.

CIO reports “data loss and downtime cost Australia organisations around 65.5 billion in 2014.”

IT can be unpredictable, things do go wrong on occasion and whether it’s caused by equipment, software or even the user, getting it fixed and getting back to business is your key concern.

Helping finance clients with IT Support:


Remove downtime from your network


Customised IT Support solutions to suit your business needs

Backup & Disaster Recovery

itro's solution ensures your data is backed-up securely


Your document, data and systems are secure ith 24/7 proactive monitoring


Problems detected and solved before they become an issue

Local Helpdesk

We are reliable - when you call, you get support quickly

How we do it:

  1. Complete an on-site assessment of your IT Systems and devices
  2. Identify your business needs and any current or potential issues
  3. Build a solution to fit your needs and help your systems achieve peak performance
  4. Manage your existing and new set-up
  5. Migrate your data
  6. Support your IT needs

Specialised Support for Finance

Looking for the right IT and line of business solutions can be daunting. But it shouldn’t be, and with itro, it’s not.


With 18 years of experience, itro understands IT Support for Finance Firms requires specialised skills, and we are equipped to make it easy for you. We have a wealth of experience in the financial sector and understand every business is unique.


If you are looking for IT Support with experience and in-depth understanding of the finance and accounting industry, why not try our obligation free onsite IT Assessment today.

Call itro on 1800 10 3000 or fill in the form below to discuss further.