Managed IT Services

Proactively keeping your office working

itro manages IT for businesses and Firms through our managed support plans.

As your Managed Services Provider (MSP), our responsibility is to proactively keep your office or Practice working and your team cyber safe for an agreed monthly fee. No one likes getting unexpected bills, and we don’t like passing them on. By joining itro’s managed services Support Plans, you can reduce or remove your risk to unexpected bills.


We don’t see ourselves as an IT company: we’re a customer service company that manages and protects IT for our clients. We want to partner with you if you value straightforward advice and support. Our first step in building a respectful partnership is sharing our Support Plan pricing and comparison matrix so you know exactly what you will get from itro’s managed IT services.

Cloud-Based Phone System

You can choose from two Support Plans:

Best choice

Our managed plans are perfect for small to medium businesses and Firms who want a proactive and honest partnership with their MSP.

You won’t be locked into a fixed term contract – we want you to stay with us because you love the service we give, not because you are contractually trapped. Our engineers will help guide you past the confusion of fear tactics, overpriced services, complex contracts and technical jargon of IT Providers to give your team the IT support, tools and cyber security they need.

We promote non-proprietary, scalable solutions that give you the flexibility to deal with unforeseen changes and keep your team and infrastructure cyber safe as we manage your IT for you.

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