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Our engineers will help you get the most out of Azure’s cloud computing services. Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services that helps your business or Firm meet the challenge of working securely, within industry compliance and protecting your data from any location. If your business or Firm has fluctuating...

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Windows Server

Easy server and asset deployment. itro engineers are experts in utilising Windows Server to run server-based applications your team needs to access across your network and remotely, such as Windows Active Directory, File and Print Sharing and creating Group Policy Objects (GPOs). With our expertise we can help you increase the...

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Microsoft 365

We manage and make it all happen for you. Subscribing to Microsoft 365 gives you access to premium Cloud-based software and security so you and your team can work anywhere with internet, anytime, on any PC/Mac or your iOS, Android or Windows devices. Subscribing through itro gives you the added benefit...

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

It's not ‘backup’ that matters, it's recovering your data. Having Data Backup saves you time, money and embarrassment, and Disaster Recovery saves your business from unforeseen disasters – if your backup solution is working.One of the most common problems we find auditing new client sites is backup systems that don’t work....

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Cloud Solutions

Scalable infrastructure solutions for businesses and Firms of any size. When discussing ‘cloud’ services it’s important to realise we’re not talking about your ‘journey to the cloud’. Rather, it’s about the how - how you store, access and protect services and data you have chosen to host off-site from your office...

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Cyber Security

Being cyber safe involves more than having anti-virus on your devices. Only layered security measures are effective at proactively defending your systems and protecting your team wherever they work – at the office, home or remotely. itro’s team of highly trained, local IT engineers will proactively manage all aspects of your...

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