IT Procurement

Life cycles and relationships

Why buy from itro when you can hunt for online specials or buy your internet direct from a Telco? Because we give you more - we want a long term relationship with you.

We only ever sell business-grade devices and solutions.

You will never buy a consumer-grade device or solution through itro. We manage the life cycle of any device, software or service you buy through us, including firewalls, Internet services, telephone lines, software licensing and subscription services. 


If something doesn’t work or a third party, such as a telecommunications company, is being difficult about transporting a number, commissioning new lines or escalating a matter, it’s our problem to fix – not yours.

We will establish and adhere to agreed standards of quality IT with you

Establishing the standards of IT equipment and warranty support you need and want for your business saves you considerable time when ordering new devices. Having established your preference, when you are ready to purchase a new device itro condenses your quote to 2-3 options that fit your preferred product range and warranty period. 

Instead of spending time trying to assess technical specifications across multiple devices, you can confidently choose an itro option knowing it’s business grade, has the warranty you want and will work with your existing IT Infrastructure. As an example, for some of our clients this means giving them options from HP’s ProBook device range knowing they want the warranty automatically upgraded from the standard one-year warranty. For others we provide options from HP’s Elite range with the standard three-year warranty.

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