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My Health Record: Positives & Negatives

Quick Points: The Australian Government is switching the national 'My Health Record' program from opt-in to opt-out. Unless you choose to opt out by 15 October 2018, the ADHA (Australian Digital Health Agency) will create a digital health record for you. Because of the extent - and sensitivity - of...

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Tech Primer Series: Encryption

Encryption A part of the Tech Premier Series  Glossary: Plaintext – Normal text anyone can read Cyphertext – Encrypted text no one can read Cypher – A pair of mathematical algorithms allowing encryption and decryption of information Key – Specifies how an algorithm transforms plaintext into cyphertext (e.g. a password) AES –...

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How Google’s making web browsing more secure for you

Summary: Key takeaways:  Starting in July, Google Chrome will show a warning for any websites that aren't encrypted. Why: To encourage companies and web developers to encrypt all web traffic, rather than specific pages. What do you need to do: It depends. If itro handles your web hosting, most likely nothing, we will manage the...

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Buying a new computer? Consider your options for storage

Are you buying a new computer? Most performance problems are caused by the computer waiting to retrieve data from storage. For storage, manufacturers will install either an SSD or a hard drive, and itro strongly recommends buying a machine with a Solid-State Drive (SSD) possessing a minimum capacity of 240...

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Meltdown and Spectre Bugs

Summary:  Problem: Over the past week, you've likely heard of serious security bugs affecting CPUs called Meltdown and Spectre. Meltdown affects CPUs manufactured by Intel and Apple, while Spectre affects most CPUs manufactured over the last twenty years. Impact: Both exploits can allow a remote attacker to compromise your system through something...

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Can your wifi be KRACK-ed?

Major Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities as 'KRACKen' is Revealed Quick Summary - What you need to know KRACK is a significant vulnerability in Wi-Fi security, allowing an unauthorised third party to gain access to your wireless network. While the revelations are concerning, you do not need to change your passwords, as there are additional...

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