IT Support for your IT Department

itro have quality IT support solutions to help manage your IT Department!

What is your biggest fear in engaging external IT support?


  • You lose control?
  • Blowing your budget in the first month of engagement?
  • Unbreakable contracts costing you a fortune?
  • You lose the confidence of your employer/Board?
  • Losing or destroying data?


itro offers internal IT Managers ‘safe hands’ in giving help you need now, as you grow and when the time comes to help you transition into a fully-independent internal IT department.

Our business model is to help manage your IT, not control it.

What’s better than having an in-house IT Department looking after your systems and employee needs?

Having the confidence of a back-up IT Department, off-the-clock, ready to step in and boost in-house resources whenever required.

Additional IT Support from itro will help your IT Department during:

  • During peak operational times
  • Breadth of IT capabilities
  • Unplanned events such as:
    • Holiday
    • Sick leave
    • Resignations


This impacts all IT Departments, so having extra engineers ready to step in and help without ‘handover’ delays and costs associated with on-boarding will help your business significantly.

itro’s focus in developing self-managed IT Support Plans for internal IT Departments is to minimise operational costs for all parties.

We are completely confident our team can give you the outsourced resources and skills you need to manage your IT at the pace and scope you require.

Manage your IT with itro

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