Have you tried turning it off it and on again?

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Have you tried turning it off it and on again?

Why is a simple solution to the cure to a significant amount of IT issues?

Because restarting, also known as rebooting, your computer is the magical remedy every PC needs once a day. When you restart your computer, you are essentially dumping the trash and starting off fresh again.

What this article will run through:

  1. Benefits of restarting
  2. Warning signs its time to restart your PC
  3. How to restart your PC

1. Benefits of restarting

While restarting is certainly not a cure-all solution, it is a quick fix to small errors or connectivity issues and should be the first thing you do if you are experiencing problems. So, what exactly does a daily restart cure?

Restarting fixes:
  • drives that aren’t mapping
  • printing issues
  • small bugs
  • Windows running slow
  • Internet Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or any other program running slow
  • Internet or Wi-Fi problems
  • small errors by installing updates
  • clears your computer’s memory

A restart will wipe away the current state of the software allowing any misbehaving code to replenish itself.1 A computer restart simultaneously restarts software to square one, enabling programs to perform at their best. Put simply; you’re removing the junk and starting again fresh.

A restart won’t just fix issues. It will also prevent potential problems and provide benefits such as:

  • Fast performance – the longer a computer is left on, the slower the performance will be. Processes and applications will use more and more memory and processor resources, causing your PC to run slow. Similar to a good sleep every night will help you perform your best the following day!
  • Saves time – avoid sacrificing time calling a tech support for them to ask “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”
  • Performs updates (the recent WannaCry / WannaCrypt attacks highlight vulnerabilities of PCs that aren’t updated regularly!)
  • Internet and printer connectivity.
  • Security Risk – leaving a PC on with applications open can be a security risk, a restart will log all users off.
  • Avoid arguably the most annoying prompt – “Would you like to restart your computer now?”

Next time you’re freaking out about PC issues, why not try restarting it? It may just save you a lot of time!

2. Key warning signs it’s time for your PC’s daily restart:

  • It is making a significant amount of noise
  • Feels very hot
  • Running slow
  • Programs are crashing

3. How to restart your computer (Windows):

    1. Navigate to the start menu
    2. Click the power button
    3. Click restart (make sure not to click shut down or sleep)

How to restart your comp: (Macs)

1. Click on the Apple icon (top left of your screen) and then “restart”

2. A confirmation message will pop up, choose “Restart”

Wa-lah! itro recommends restarting your computer daily to reduce IT issues.

Restart didn’t do the trick? Give itro a call on 1300 10 300 to speak with a qualified technician.

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