How To Prevent Cyber Attacks On Your Mobile Devices

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Protect Your Mobile Devices

How To Prevent Cyber Attacks On Your Mobile Devices

Updated Devices are Safe Devices

One of the smartest ways to prevent cyber-attack and protect your business is to keep the software and apps on your devices updated. This shouldn’t be a problem for companies with internal IT resources or an outsourced IT provider. But what if you’re a sole practitioner, or don’t have someone in your team that understands or likes technology? What can you do to protect yourself?

Updating device software and apps is easy once you know how. The safest place to get updated software and apps is from the official manufacturer of your device. I’ve listed links below to take you to the Apple, Windows and Google Support sites for software and app updates. Each site tells you how to update your device, apps, or troubleshoot problems. Next, you can check out my tips on why updates are so important, and which apps are safe for download.

Apple Devices

How to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, by Apple Support

How to update your apps or use automatic downloads, by Apple Support

If you’re having issues updating your apps, follow these steps by Apple Support

If you need more space for an update, follow these steps by Apple Support

How to create a new Apple ID, by Apple Support

Check which devices are on your Apple ID list, by Apple Support

Windows Devices

IMPORTANT: devices with Windows 7 OS are no longer supported by Microsoft. Microsoft will not be releasing any new software or security updates for Windows 7. Whilst your Windows 7 devices will keep working, their unprotected status makes them an attractive target for malicious attack. Please consider updating to Windows 10 or an alternative operating system as soon as possible to reduce your risk exposure.

How to check for new Windows 10 updates, by Microsoft Support. This page also gives you links to help you:

  • troubleshoot problems installing updates;
  • work through any error messages you may get when trying to update Windows 10;
  • activate Windows 10;
  • how to get the latest major update of Windows 10; and
  • answers frequently asked questions

How to update your apps, by Microsoft Support

Android Devices

How to update your Google Android devices, by Google Support

How to update apps on your Android device, by Google Support

How to check for the latest Samsung smartphone or tablet updates, by Samsung

Why are Software Updates so Important

Corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, HP and Samsung are throwing huge resources (talented engineers and money) to block or destroy threats against their software and devices. They also offer rewards to ethical hackers (good guys) to join them in identifying new threats, concealed malware and compromised software. And you get to benefit… if you download their software updates.

Hot tip #1: always get software and app updates directly from an original manufacturer or developer, not a third party. If you need to update your smartphone but you’re not sure how ring your mobile provider – eg, Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone – and they will be happy to help step you through the process.

Hot tip #2: Be selective about which apps you choose to download onto your smartphone or device. Just because an app is available for download doesn’t make it safe!

Even reputable app stores such as Google Play Store, App Store or Microsoft Store do not guarantee all apps on their store are safe! Of course, if an app is found to have malicious code, or enables third party remote access to devices, it will be removed. However, some time can elapse before problems are discovered and an app removed. So be selective. Take a moment to read reviews from existing users to see how they rate an app, and their experience post-download.

Be Cyber Safe

Implementing automatic or regular software and app updates will go a long way to keeping your devices cyber safe. If you find you’re too busy to keep on top of IT, consider nominating someone on your team who has an aptitude for IT to be responsible for monitoring device updates.

If you lack the time or internal resources to properly look after your IT, or your business is outgrowing the abilities of one person to look after your needs, consider outsourcing to a managed services provider (MSP) such as itro.

Benefits of itro Managing Your IT

itro, located in Cremorne, Melbourne, provides proactive managed IT services for businesses with 1-100 users through two Support Plans for a set monthly fee. Both Plans include remote monitoring and managing (RMM) of automated software updates to devices. itro’s team of engineers will ensure your devices and systems always remain updated for maximum protection of your data, cyber security and operational efficiency.

Please, give itro a call on 1800 10 3000 or email [email protected] today to find out why we are so confident we are the best MSP for you, and how we can help you manage your IT.

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