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itro Your Telco Communications Guardian

Let itro be Your Telco Communications Guardian. Any communications connections we supply automatically include pre and post-sales support, at no charge! It’s easy for us – we already understand the complexities of your IT systems – and you get personalised support straight from the itro Service Desk.

Why source Internet & Voice from itro?

Ordering Internet and Voice connections is complex, as telco’s talk to their customers on a technical level. For example, to order a product you need to know:

  • How much bandwidth you need?
  • What type of connection suits your business and location? EFM, Fiber, Ethernet, Microwave?
  • Can you get NBN, what sort of NBN do you need?
  • What IP addressing will work with your system?
  • How will your connection interact with your firewall and the rest of your network?
  • Do you have a firewall, do you need one?

When you buy from itro, we complete the forms and answer all the technical questions for you. We know how telco’s operate and have the authority and insight to push past technical jargon to get a connection implemented correctly, on time, the first time.  We make sure every connection works seamlessly with your business network, and to its full potential.

If there are support issues relating to the connection, these are dealt with for no further charge, all as part of your monthly connection fee.

Really, when itro provides your IT support, it just makes sense to have us provide and support your Internet connection as well.

One provider to care for your IT from end to end, one pair of safe hands.

itro your telco communications guardian

At itro, we are constantly going out to market to find the best products to work with your business. We work with tier 1 carriers such as Telstra, AAPT, Optus & BigAir.

Leave it with us to manage your IT – just one call to make, no matter the problem!

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