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How To Stop Spam

How can you stop the emails you don’t want, yet keep receiving the messages you need? Emails are delivered to you via an email Server, which can be located in your office and/or in the Cloud. Mail filters are an important tool to have so that you can ensure you get all your legitimate emails whilst stopping spam, viruses and unwanted or dangerous mail messages. The difficult part is keeping the messages you want, and blocking the ones you don’t. What’s the best way to accomplish this?

Hosted mail filters block SPAM

At itro we recommend and deploy MailGuard as our preferred business-grade cloud based email mail filter service. MailGuard gives you the ability to control how your mail gets filtered, blocks SPAM and malicious messages and deletes viruses before they can hurt your systems. After doing all this, it gives you daily reports on delivery outcomes.

Stopping SPAM Cloud Email Filtering

itro uses MailGuard and when I look at my daily reports, I’m glad we do! This is the report from a couple of days ago…

Inbound Messages

Totals Messages – 2825
Legitimate Messages – 889 or 31.5%
Problem Messages – 1936 or 68.5%

As you can see, the majority of emails sent to us are malicious or SPAM. MailGuard stops these messages ever arriving at our server by filtering them when they are still in the cloud. This reduces the load on our server and keeps our Internet connection available for essential business activities.

Another excellent feature of MailGuard is that it holds your messages until you have read them. If you are ever unable to access your email from your local Server, you will still be able to access your MailGuard portal to view unread emails quickly and easily via MailGuard email servers in the Cloud.

If your organisation is having trouble with SPAM, give us a call and we can give you a full rundown of the multi-layered defence systems we put in place to keep systems safe and unclogged.

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