Teams Calling – Microsoft Teams Newest Feature

Teams Calling

Teams Calling – Microsoft Teams Newest Feature

The Best, Easiest Way to Take Your Office Phone Home With You

If you want to make or receive calls from home or anywhere outside your office with the same ease that you do at work, you need Teams Calling. We’ve been testing Microsoft’s latest update to Teams, and it’s every bit as good as Microsoft promised! Which is great because one thing 2020 has taught us is that traditional working models – such as working from a central office – cause problems when unforeseen events stop or limit us accessing our offices.

Whilst this year has thrown up more challenges than usual to businesses, it’s also opening new opportunities to be more flexible, and therefore more cost efficient, in how you and your team operates. For example, how many businesses are now rethinking benefits verses cost of renting commercial spaces large enough to fit their whole team? What will you be doing when your business premises agreement is due for renewal?

The Benefits of Embracing the ‘Frontline Worker’ Model

It turns out the staffing model used by healthcare, emergency services and government agencies, such as the police, works really well for businesses to! With the right tools you can have some, or all, of your team working from any location with internet, able to respond and provide the services your clients need without working from a central office. There are some serious financial and flexibility benefits to this model.

Teams Calling is one tool we highly recommend that will help you take full advantage of these benefits.

How to Bring Office Levels of Phone Functionality, Without Stress, to Your Home

Do you find working away from your office phones takes a lot of time and thought to manage? You lose the ease of making or receiving calls on your office phones. You need to remember to divert your phone, as well as think about what other phone numbers need to be diverted, to whom, at what times, and solve the problem of how you can share common contact numbers across your team.

Teams Calling gets rid of theses stresses and makes it easy for you and your team to work from home, or anywhere outside your office where you have internet connection. Teams Calling gives you the full functionality of a traditional phone system across all your internet-enabled Windows, Apple and Android devices.  

You can make regular calls, whether local, interstate or international, from any location with internet. It gives you voicemail and shared contact lists across your Windows and Mac devices, and iPhone or Android smartphones that are subscribed to Microsoft 365. For anyone who prefers to have a phone handset with number display, we have you covered – itro can get you desktop phones that integrate with Teams Calling. 

Teams Calling is cheap, reduces software costs, it’s as easy to use as regular phones and integrates smoothly across Microsoft’s business apps. It opens the opportunity for you to move your team across to a frontline worker model, with the potential to save you considerable money you currently spend on your commercial lease and everyday running costs of having a central office. This makes Microsoft 365 and Teams Calling the perfect subscription for small to medium businesses looking to reduce costs, be flexible and stay competitive.   

Alternative Options for Complicated Phone Requirements

Alternative options to Teams Calling exists for businesses with complex phone system requirements. Please call itro now so we can help you identify the best solution for your needs and workforce.

Get Teams Calling Through itro Now!

If you already subscribe to Microsoft 365, call us on 1800 10 3000 or email [email protected] to arrange activation of the Teams Calling feature across your devices. If you haven’t yet subscribed to Microsoft 365 please contact us to find out how quickly and reasonably itro can manage all your IT and communication needs. 

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