9 Types of IT Services You Should Know

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9 Types of IT Services You Should Know

There is certainly no shortage of IT in today’s businesses. From law firms to lunch bars, barbershops to banks, every business relies on IT to stay connected. But there’s much more to IT services and IT support than troubleshooting internet outages.

IT services you should be familiar with

1. On-demand IT

On-demand IT provides the flexibility to pay for IT services as and when they are required, rather than entering into a contract. As a result, short-term costs can be lower than managed services, although unmanaged network and devices could be vulnerable to catastrophic failures with on-demand IT.

2. Managed services

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are responsible for maintaining and improving IT systems. Depending on the organisation’s size and complexity, this can include:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Managing bandwidth
  • Purchasing or renting IT equipment
  • Proactively seeking software patches
  • Network monitoring and testing
  • Providing data storage
  • Managing servers

The advantage of managed IT services is businesses stay up-to-date with IT innovation and security. High-level Melbourne managed service providers like itro will proactively address infrastructure issues and often handle many of the following IT services.

3. Hardware support

IT service providers manage all the hardware in circulation at a company. That could mean anything from negotiating leasing terms for hundreds of computers and mobile phones or keeping front-of-house equipped with the latest telecom systems. And of course, IT support is there to fix device faults or breakdowns.

4. Software support

Basic software support involves maintaining licences and installing software patches from developers. More capable MSPs will play a role in streamlining licence costs, upgrading software, installing new solutions and managing security on the nexus of software solutions.

5. Cloud computing

More than 50% of Australian businesses use cloud computing to host their data. In specialist fields like legal and financial IT services, the data stored on the cloud is often highly sensitive, and the network of cloud-based apps can be complex. IT service providers help keep that data secure, accessible and backed up on a scalable and affordable cloud storage platform.

6. Communications

Communications covers a range of hardware, software and network services, including:

  • VoIP (voice over internet protocol) where telephones use the internet instead of a phone line
  • Videoconferencing suites
  • Communication software like Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business
  • Chatbots and AI to interface with customers

With more people working from home or remotely, IT communications solutions are crucial to maintaining business productivity.

7. Network management

Network infrastructure includes all the visible cables and wires around the workplace, and many you can’t see: internet, Wi-Fi networks, servers, printers, plus the firewalls, remote support and two-factor authentication for network security. Our main goal as Melbourne IT infrastructure experts is to keep your business stable, secure and productive.

8. Help desk

Help desk services provide a lifeline when employees face IT issues of any kind. Outsourcing help desk to an overseas remote support provider can cut costs. However, partnering with a Melbourne IT company means IT specialists can be at your premises right away to fix mission-critical outages.

9. Cybersecurity

Every successful cybercrime attack costs small businesses $9,000. For medium-sized companies, that figure leaps to $33,400. The role of IT service partners in cybersecurity is to install and manage firewalls, anti-malware software, security patches and network security upgrades. Every business is at risk of cybercrime; it’s our job to keep you protected.

Get the best IT support in Melbourne

itro is a Melbourne IT specialist helping companies access the right communication systems to grow (and protect) their business. Our comprehensive IT services cover everything from on-site IT support to procurement, software installation to backup and disaster recovery and more.

You can see what our small business IT support plans include or get in touch to discuss your IT requirements with a local specialist.

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