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Layered cyber security is a must for SMEs and Firms

itro Endpoint Protection and Cyber Security

itro Endpoint Protection works everywhere, 24/7 itro Endpoint Protection ensures you and your team stay cyber safe everywhere, especially when you work outside your protected office environment. Whilst antivirus protects you from known cyber threats, and multifactor authentication (MFA/2FA) protects your online accounts and apps from malicious access, itro Endpoint Protection...

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Layered cyber security is a must for SMEs and Firms

Multifactor Authentication and Cyber Security

Why multifactor authentication is a must for your cyber security! Multifactor authentication (‘MFA’), also known as two-factor authentication (‘2FA’), is software that protects your apps and online accounts from unauthorised access or cyber-attack even if your usernames and passwords have been compromised or stolen. Do you currently use passwords to protect access to...

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Layered cyber security is a must for SMEs and Firms

Antivirus and Cyber Security

Is antivirus all I need for cyber security? Is it OK to not have antivirus? What is antivirus? It's software designed to detect and destroy computer viruses delivered online to your devices. Many users and business owners believe that antivirus is the only layer of cyber security needed to protect their devices...

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itro keeps SMEs cyber secure

How Secure Is Your Website?

Business Owners and Practice Managers, who do you think is responsible for keeping your website safe? A.   Your internal IT Department, or Managed Service Provider? B.   Your third-party website Hosting Provider? C.   The person or business you have contracted to build and manage your website? ANSWER: C The primary responsibility for your website security rests...

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4 Ways to Beat Online Scams

Did you get a bargain from the recent Black Friday sales? Or did your purchase not quite live up to its description? Imagine if a national survey was conducted to track customer satisfaction from online purchases made during peak sales times...

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The Dangers Of Public Wifi

DNS Protection is a method of filtering for viruses using Domain Name Servers. It gives you an added level of protection by complementing anti-virus solutions and ensures your business firewall ‘travels’ wherever you go....

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Backup Internet Connection – Do you need one?

Thousands without internet after Telstra cables cut A damaged cable has left a number of businesses (approximately 1000 connections) without internet for more than 24 hours with some losing service in their inner-city offices. Construction crews working in Chatswood accidentally cut a Telstra cable Wednesday morning around 11am causing an immediate...

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Multiple monitors make work easier

Are Multiple Monitors Better Than One Screen?

Why Multiple Monitors Are Better Than One! Once you make the change, you'll never go back! If you are not already using multiple screens, let me just say from personal experience, you are missing out big time! I am always surprised to hear busy professionals opt to use only one monitor for their...

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