Are You Still Paying For Old Users Office 365 Licenses?

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Are You Still Paying For Old Users Office 365 Licenses?

Simple Tip To Save You Money

When someone is about to leave your business, let your IT support provider know. It’s important, and not just for security reasons.

You pay per user for subscriptions to Office 365, Mailboxes, etc. When an employee leaves, you can decrease the number of subscriptions you pay for and save money.

“Why Are These People Still Licensed?”

How is it possible to find yourself paying for licenses you’re not using?

Whilst we make every endeavour to keep your subscriptions current, we rely on you to tell us if your licensing requirements have or will be changing.

Removing a user license, however, is easier to overlook than you’d think. When someone joins your team, it’s a non-brainer that you’ll need a new user license. However, when someone leaves, their circumstances surrounding their departure greatly influence how it gets managed.

For example, when a decision is made to manage a difficult or disgruntled employee out of employment, security is top of everyone’s mind. However, when a trusted or long-term employee, or an unforeseen departure happens, it can be easier for you to forget to let your provider know about the change.

By keeping providers like us informed, we can effectively manage your online subscriptions and minimise your ongoing licensing costs, for example when someone leaves, we can change their user mailbox to a shared mailbox.

So, are you paying for unused licenses? Please take a moment to look at your last invoice. It will state how many user licenses you are paying for, eg Office 365 times XX-users. Does that number correlate with what you think? If it doesn’t, please give your IT support provider a call so they can check you’re only paying for the number of users you need.

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