Should you backup your cloud data?

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Should you backup your cloud data?

But it’s in the cloud!

Most cloud systems are designed to protect the accessibility of your data, not the completeness of it. A common misconception is that data kept in the cloud is safe from harm. It’s true that your data in the cloud is likely safer than being in ‘on-premise’ equipment, but you still need to back it up.

Accessibility versus Completeness

Cloud ‘Software-as-a-Service’ products (such as Gmail, Office 365, SharePoint Online, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc) focus on giving you 24×7 access to your data. This accessibility is perfect for productivity – you can access your data whenever you need it!

What happens, though, if something gets deleted from your cloud data? For example, an email from your Office 365 mailbox? Can you get this back? How about if you delete a folder from your OneDrive storage? Where do you get this back from?

Avoid ‘holes’ in your Cloud

Have a backup of your cloud systems! Things can happen to your data beyond system failure. You might accidentally delete something yourself, your account could be hacked, an administrative error could see your cloud account deleted… a number of things can still go wrong with cloud services.

Protect Your Cloud

itro has a range of different solutions that can backup data you store in ‘Software-as-a-Service’ cloud products, such as the ones mentioned above. We will backup your cloud data to alternative locations so it remains accessible AND complete at all times.

If you’re using Infrastructure-as-a-Service, itro’s Secure Backup solution will keep your data synchronized directly to our data centre in Melbourne where we can access it in real time to help you recover from any disasters or data loss your organization might face.

Contact us now for more details.

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