Top FAQs companies on the hunt for an MSP ask

Top FAQs companies on the hunt for an MSP ask

Engaging a new IT partner is a significant step for your business. It requires you to transfer the risk and frustrations of managing IT to an external team of engineers. You need to be confident and reassured your IT is in good hands.  

To help with your decision we have created an article with the top FAQs for an IT MSP, from SME’s across a broad range of industries including legal, hospitality, manufacturing and finance. 

1. What is itro's minimum term for managing your IT?

itro does not enforce or lock our customers into minimum contract terms for our support services. We want you to keep us as your IT Provider because you’re happy with our services, not because you are contractually trapped. 

2. How much does itro charge per month? What is included in my Support Plan?

That depends on which one of itro’s two Support Plans you choose for your organisation. You can find our published rates and plan overview comparison online at Plan Pricing | IT Solutions Melbourne | itro.   

itro Advanced (Proactive Remote) covers most of your day-to-day remote support requests for a fixed monthly fee.  

itro Ultimate (Proactive Remote plus Onsite) covers all itro Advanced plus onsite requests 

itro Support Plans are charged:  

  • per machine/endpoint per month. An endpoint is a Windows PC/Laptop, Mac PC/Laptop or Server, physical or virtual; and  
  • per network device per month. A network device is a managed switch, router or firewall. 
  • Support for printers, scanners, Wireless Access Points, etc is included.  

Our Plans allow us to work pro-actively on your systems. If we see something wrong, or even just not quite right, we can fix it then and there!  There is no “bill shock” when you are on one of our support plans. 

Note: itro Support Plans do not cover support for line of business applications, such as MYOB, QuickBooks and Practice Management software.   

3. itro Support Plans are charged per device. Does this mean I have to pay a subscription fee for all computers? 

Not necessarily! Whilst subscription to our Support Plans is on an organisation-wide basis, we work with you to identify which devices are crucial to your operational needs and need to be covered by your itro Plan. 

Note: Although we may identify you don’t need to subscribe all your devices, we do require a minimum subscription of 5 devices per Plan.  

4. If itro’s Support Plans are all inclusive, why does your plan overview list hourly rates? 

Hourly rates are for all the work done outside the scope of your chosen Support Plan. For example, itro Advanced subscriptions do not cover onsite support, whereas itro Ultimate subscriptions cover both remote and onsite support.   

Travel, plus technical support for Line of Business apps is outside the scope of both Plans. Other ‘out of scope’ works include new projects, moving office, setting up new devices or recovering lost or stolen data not protected by itro’s cyber security tools.  

If work outside the scope of your chosen Plan is required, we will clearly explain the ‘what’ and ‘why’ upfront and no costs will be incurred, or action taken without your permission.

5. What services does itro offer? 

We are your complete outsourced and built-on IT team. We manage your IT for you, onsite and remote, physical and virtual, including:  

  • IT Support;  
  • Cyber Security; 
  • Cloud Solutions;
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery;
  • Communications; 
  • Infrastructure Projects;;  
  • Strategic Planning;   
  • Procurement; and  
  • Consulting. 

6. How can we mitigate costs associated with Line of Business apps? 

Often itro ends up providing support for Line of Business apps as our service desk is easily accessible and responsive. However, you can mitigate these fees by excluding itro’s involvement. Our systems can easily help you do this by ‘gatekeeping’ out of scope calls, referring requests for support from your team back to an inhouse individual(s) within your firm/business that you nominate.

7. Where is itro located? 

itro’s team is located entirely within Australia. Our primary place of work is in Cremorne, Victoria.  

8. When is your team available to take our support calls? 

Our standard operating hours are Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5.30pm (AEST), excluding Victorian Public holidays. Out of hours support is available on request.  

Note: Each weekday, between 1:30-1.45pm, we have our team meeting. During that time, calls are briefly diverted to our call centre.  

9. What’s the best way to contact itro’s Service Desk? 

You can contact itro’s Service Desk by phone, email and through your dedicated itro Customer Service Portal. Whether you have an urgent matter or a general question, our Service Team are ready to help you.  

10. What level of support will itro give my team? 

itro has been built from the ground up as customer-service centric. Knowing you and your team are happy with our support is what motivates us to come to work! To this end, we respond to individual needs across your team, from helping those who are uncomfortable talking about technology to those who want to know what happened, how we’ll fix an issue and how to prevent it from happening again. 

11. Will I be able to use my computer while you fix it? 

That depends on the issue. Our engineers will do everything they can to fix the problem as quickly as possible to minimise your down time. 

12. Why are we incurring extra costs for Line of Business apps? 

It’s simply due to two reasons:  

  1. Third-party software vendors are built from ground up focused on software development, not customer service. Sadly, we’ve noticed over the past two years that customer support provided by Line of Business apps has declined even further. 
  2. Whilst support for third party Line of Business products is generally the responsibility of the vendor who supplied the app, itro – as your outsourced IT team – is familiar to your team, and we give better service. Remember, knowing you are happy with our support is what motivates us to come to work!  

13. Can itro help with strategic planning? 

Yes! Our proactive focus drives us to think strategically on your behalf, providing long term solutions that address issues before they become problems.  

We have been proactively managing IT since 1999 and are experienced at building and protecting scalable IT systems that work efficiently and effectively for SMEs. Ninety-five percent of new clients come to us via recommendation from existing clients. We have complete confidence that itro is the best Managed Services Provider to strategically manage your IT and protect your team from cyber threats.  

14. How long does it take to onboard us? 

Onboarding normally takes two to four (2–4) weeks.  

Before we onboard you, we undertake a complete Network Audit and Discovery to get a comprehensive understanding of your organisation and IT infrastructure. Then we start the on-boarding process and migration process, which includes:  

  • Gaining control of licensing and other services (Office 365, DNS Management, Anti-Spam management, Line of Business applications, etc)  
  • Creation of detailed Site documentation. 
  • Remote Management & Monitoring Agent (RMM) and Anti-virus installation.  
  • Configure monitoring and reporting. 

itro, IT Support built on customer satisfaction

At itro, we take pride in supporting professional teams and internal IT Managers with their IT, cyber security and communications. We are specialists at what we do and we care about delivering the right outcomes to you.  

We can help you get your organisation where it needs to be by improving systems, efficiencies and productivity. We want the opportunity for our team to give you the IT support you need, when you need it. Claim your free upfront IT consultation and review today! 

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