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Website developers are often not responsible to backup your web site

Do you backup your web site? For many business owners, they go through the expensive process of employing a graphic designer and a web site developer. Then many hours are spent developing content, making sure the messaging is right and ensuring everyone is happy with the final outcome. Now the fun part, the web site goes live and everyone breathes a sigh of relief and moves on to the next thing!

What about all this investment though, who has a copy of it?  What if your web developer of hosting provider (often the same) go out of business? Did you know YOU are responsible for having a backup of your website data? When it comes to backing up website content, the industry standard is the owner of the website – not the hosted services provider – is responsible.

There are many businesses that have lost all of their website data when their hosting provider has failed. Please don’t become a casualty. Backup your web data!

For best practice, any time your website is edited by your developer it should be backed up. If your site has a lot of live content such as a blog, then a regular routine should be established to backup your web site.

Take the time now to find out if your developer does backups and make sure you have an offline copy of them. If you need help making sure you backup your web site, give the itro Service Desk a call.

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