What You Should Know About Cloud-Based Phone Systems

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Cloud-Based Phone System

What You Should Know About Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Save Money on Your Phone System today

The bad old days of paying thousands of dollars for your PABX system for your small business are well and truly over. itro can connect you to a cloud-based phone system that gives you fantastic functionality at pricing that’s affordable for even the smallest of businesses. In fact, the small your business, the easier the decision is to put your phones in the cloud!

Combined with the speed and reliability of a business-grade Ethernet Internet connection or better, a cloud-based PABX is not only cheaper it gives you the following extra benefits over a traditional in-house phone system.

Disaster Recovery

  • With your phones in the cloud, each handset operates by connecting into the internet via your network. All you need is fast, reliable Internet. If for some reason you lose Internet connection simply take your handset/s to where you do have an Internet connection – such as a serviced office – and you immediately have full functionality again.
  • Anywhere you have a hosted handset plugged into reliable Internet, you can make and receive calls as if you were in the office – whether at your home, the beach house, a client’s site. You can also load an app onto your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop which will give it handset capability.


  • With a cloud PABX you can add and give up lines with relatively short notice to meet your requirements and better manage costs. Are you a retailer or business with peak trading times? A hosted system gives you the flexibility to scale your system to meet the demands of your busiest trading periods and minimize costs during quiet times. Never lose a call to a busy signal again.
  • You don’t have to pay upfront for a large system that will (hopefully) suit you for the next 5 to 10 years. Buy what you need now and increase when/if it is required without disrupting your business to put another system in.
  • You can play music, custom information or promotional messages while callers are on hold in the queue.

MultiSite/Office and Call Costs

  • Remote offices can share the same cloud system, meaning calls between those offices are free. For example, in you have an office in Melbourne and Perth and both are using the same service, calls between those offices are free. Potentially calls between overseas offices on the same system can be free too, depending on the service provider.
  • Local and international call costs vary depending on your choice of Hosted service. Many providers now provide a fixed cost per month, no matter how many calls you make!
  • The systems are flexible enough for bundles to be created based on your call patterns and requirements further reducing costs.

Funky Features

  • Automatic Email Notifications – receive an email with the message for all voice mail messages.
  • Record the conversation – you can record both sides of a call.
  • Automatic Call Forwarding – any calls that come in after hours can be scheduled to automatically forward to another number. This is how itro deals with after-hours calls.
  • Detailed reporting of calls made, received and lost. Day, date, time and even how long a call lasted or how long a caller waited before hanging up are captured and reported.

If you’re a small business, we highly recommend you consider the advantages of changing to a cloud-based phone system.

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