Getting the IT support, you need without a full team of technicians

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Getting the IT support, you need without a full team of technicians

Key points:

Asking IT Managers:

  • Do you have time to be sick?
  • Need a holiday but can’t get away?
  • Do you hate getting requests for holiday leave?
  • Are you lacking resources for large projects?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above messages? You need itro Self-Serve, Self-Serve Plus or itro Boost.

About our plans

These plans are designed for teams with in-house skills. We give internal IT managers ‘safe hands’ in giving help you need now, as you grow and, when the time comes, to help you transition into a fully-independent internal IT department.

itro Self-Serve and Self-Serve Plus are Plans designed for teams with in-house skills to maintain their own IT systems but struggle when a team member down. Both Plans give you Remote Management Monitoring tools and engineer support to add to your team’s existing capabilities and resources when required. No lock in contract. Our focus is to help inhouse IT Managers always look good.

Our business model is to help manage your IT, not control it.

The benefits of itro’s Self-Serve plans for internal IT departments

  1. Vital IT tools for documentation
  2. Back-up support when a team member is down
  3. Bread of IT capabilities – off-load large projects
  4. Lower your operational costs

1. Vital IT Tools for documentation

Subscribing to Self-Serve or Self-Serve plus gives you access to essential IT tools and documentation. What’s better? You will always retain ownership and transferal rights to – reduce costs associated with outsourced support.

2. Back-up support when a team member is down

With all your systems and devices documented, one of itro’s engineers can readily step in during any unplanned events such as resignations, sick or holiday leave. Having itro as your IT-back up means no ‘handover’ delays and costs associated with onboarding a new team member.

3. Lower your operational costs

For an easily budgeted, small, fixed monthly fee — a mere fraction of the cost of hiring an extra technician — we’ll take away the worry, frustration and considerable cost of helping to support your IT environment.

You will also minimise employment costs and maximise productive. For example:

  • Employee training
  • Superannuation
  • Holiday leave
  • Seasonal demands

4. Breadth if IT capabilities

Are you worried about large projects consuming your time? itro Boost gives you the tools to off-load support of selected elements of your systems to itro. For example, you can continue to support desktops whilst itro manages support of server infrastructure, or vice versa. And you don’t need to sign a Lock-In Contract! Our job is to make you always look good.

5. No lock-in contract

itro operates on no lock-in contracts! Our clients stay with us because they are happy, not because they are contractually trapped.

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