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Guaranteed Data Recovery for Legal Firms

3 – 2 – 24 = No Regrets Backup

3 Steps, 2 Backup Locations, 24-Hour (max) Disaster Recovery

What do keys, umbrellas and transport have in common?

  • built for a specific purpose
  • we assume they are always available when we need them
  • we don’t really notice them – until we get caught out!

Implementing an effective backup and disaster recovery plan is exactly the same as above. You won’t notice how much you needed a backup until you get caught out!

Don’t get caught out without Data Backup

  • We all use data.
  • Most businesses think they – or their IT Provider – back-up their data.
  • But you don’t know for sure – until data goes missing or trialing a test restore

itro’s Tech Tips:

To confirm your backup is OK, ask your IT provider or internal team to restore some files. Test their expertise by:

  • ask them to restore a previous version of a Word or Excel file that has not been edited in three (3) months; and/or
  • ask them to restore a month-old file from a cloud or third-party app, like QuickBooks or MYOB.

A correctly configured backup ensure restoring a Word or Excel file is easy restore if your system has been set up correctly. Such a recovery will likely not involve your Backup system and is therefore not a thorough test.

No Regrets Data Security

itro SBR (System Backup Recovery) is a straight-forward DR & Backup Solution designed for Legal Professionals and internal IT Managers who want someone else to bear responsibility of guaranteeing data security.

There’s no tricks or contractual ‘outs’ to itro SBR. It’s straightforward, business-grade IT data security that gives your firm two layers of backup protection:

  1. Onsite backup for quick recovery under most circumstances and;
  2. Offsite storage of your data for recovery in a disaster.

Call itro on 1800 10 3000 or email now to [email protected] and one of our senior engineers will organise to off-load responsibility for your data backup to our IT Team. Click here to see our pricing for SBR.

If you have any concerns about whether you have backup, please talk to your current IT provider or call us for an independent assessment.

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