Hacked with no data backups, what now?

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Hacked with no data backups, what now?

Lost all your data? What’s next?

Start YELLING: Know who and what to yell about before going public.

You can’t believe it! Receiving a data ransom demand from a hacker should have been the worst part of your day. But now you’ve found out your data was NOT protected. You have no backup, and now your business is facing an expensive bill to retrieve its own data!

The act is criminal. Someone needs to pay. Compensation needs to happen. If you’re paying for IT support, it’s natural to immediately call your provider and demand they fix the problem, at their cost.

Be angry, but before broadcasting your rage engage your inner-lawyer and ask:

  1. Who really is responsible? Who controls IT decisions and spending within your Firm? Your IT Provider? An in-house IT Manager? You?

    • Start by yelling at the right person: the person with authority to make decisions!
    • Are responsibilities documented? If not, prioritise discussing and documenting responsibilities with your IT Provider now!
    • If you have signed an IT contract for managed services, have relevant clauses ready to back you up. (This is an important and urgent priority! Check your contract now, or set aside time in your calendar to research your contract this week!)
  2. Have there been any delays accepting or actioning IT security recommendations?

    If so, what has caused the delay? Lack of recommendations, or lack of follow-through? Your IT Provider, in-house IT Manager, or you?

    • If the delay was internal, ring your Provider, explain to them what’s happened and acknowledge you had meant to get back to them. A calm request does wonders for cooperative teamwork!
    • Tip: If you have a proposal waiting on your desk, set aside time in your calendar this week to progress your decision. If it’s lacking detail, or you don’t understand the proposal, ring your Provider now and get them to answer your questions.
    • If the delay rests with your Provider, the responsibility lies with them. If they won’t – or can’t – fix the matter for you, it’s time to find a new Provider!
  3. Do you read security alerts or articles sent to you from your Provider?

    • Working through endless emails is a burden all Managers know well. Limited time and the tedious nature of IT security means it’s a subject easily ignored! However, like superannuation, ignoring such boring but important advice will create problems!
    • Tip: If you don’t have time to skim read articles sent to you from your IT provider, or you’re just not interested, assign the task to an assistant or a junior member. Empower them to act on recommendations they feel have value, or relay them to your IT Manager or the in-house person everyone goes to when they have a problem.

Never underestimate the level of criminal intelligence hackers engage in to snare unwary or distracted professionals, and how easily data can be stolen! Don’t leave your data security to assumptions or chance.

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