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The Royal Quiz Scam

Last Saturday Prince Harry tied the knot with Megan Markle and since then I can’t help but notice a lot of my social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Newsfeed ect) are dedicated to posts, updates and quizzes on the royal family.

I admit, I waste a bit of time partaking in meaningless Facebook quizzes and most of the time these sorts of quizzes are harmless. However, there is a significant security issue with a current quiz spreading on social media, known as the Your Royal Guest Name. The current scam circulating is a great example of how easily scammers can trick and manipulate people into divulging personal information. See below:

Your Royal Guest Name

The quiz promises to generate your royal name in the following format:

Lord/Lady _____ _____ of _____

Filling in the blanks requires answering the three below questions:

  • What is the name of your favourite grandparent?
  • What is the name of your first pet?
  • And what is the name of street you grew up on?

Lord/Lady [Grandparent’s name] [pet’s name] of [street name]

Do these sort of questions look familiar? Maybe from the last time you tried to recover your bank, email or Facebook password…

Sharing your royal name with a random website on the internet poses a significant security threat. You are essentially giving away your answers to reset a password or log in to a systems through an alternative log in system.

Always be careful with sharing your personal information, particularly answers that could reset a password, and be sure to warn your colleagues and friends.

Thanks for the team at Continuum for alerting us!

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