Netflix customers targetted in scam

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Netflix customers targetted in scam

Scam Alert for Netflix Users

Another brand-jacking scam is occurring via a large scale email scam since last Friday. This time, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, Netflix is the victim.

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The scam has a clean design with very similar branding and have attempted a mail merge to have recipients name to personalise the scam making it more convincing. However, the scammer’s system has failed as you can see below in the screen-capture:

Source: MailGuard 

Tips on how to spot this email as illegitimate:
  • Non-personalisation or incorrect personal details
  • Suspicious or hidden email address, therefore, always check domain addresses because Netflix will only ever send an email from a domain of @Netflix.com
  • Misleading hyperlinks. Before clicking any links, hover over it and check the domain it is linking you to and if they look suspicious do not click them and instead refer to the companies website

Clicking the link takes the user to a compromised WordPress website which asks you to sign in which asks for you to log in and provide personal information and credit card details:

Source: MailGuard

Stealing Credentials 

The bogus website is well-designed creating legitimacy, so, there is no surprise Netflix customers are believing the email and website to be legitimate. In addition to the above tips, if you are suspicious of a website, always check the URL and ensure the domain address is correct.

After the user has logged in they are prompted to provide billing information and also credit card details to the bogus website.

Source: MailGuard

Source: MailGuard

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