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New Malware Alert For Windows Users

A new malware threat has been identified, called Reductor, that targets Windows users. It’s been described as ‘evil, malicious and dangerous, but clever’ in its ability to compromise encrypted web communications without detection. In fact, researchers who uncovered the malware state, “the level of sophistication of the attack method suggests that the creators of Reductor malware are highly professional, which is quite common among nation-state backed actors” (italics ours).

One Simple Act That Exposes You

Terrified? At this stage, you don’t need to be because it’s what YOU do – not technology – that exposes or protects you from Reductor. And it’s a simple thing for you to do…

Never Download 'FREE' Vendor Software From A Third-Party Website!

No matter how tempting ‘free’ software looks to you, any software sold by a vendor that gets listed on third-party site for ‘free’ is pirated software. If you download illegal software onto your devices, you are going to get hurt.

For example, Reductor targets Windows users. That’s Microsoft. If you get caught using their software unlicensed, Microsoft will sue you. You will run into compliance complications as you switch between using pirated and licensed software, and you expose yourself to malicious attack.

Two Simple Tips to Download Software Safely

    1. only install what you need; and
    2. only get your software directly from a Vendor (such as Microsoft), developer or official provider.

A final thought comes from Kurt Baumgartner, a security researcher with Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team that uncovered Reductor:

“…all organisations dealing with sensitive data [need] to stay alert and have regular, thorough security checks.”

If you would like to have an audit of your existing software done, or don’t yet have the means or resources to do regular, thorough IT security checks, please call itro…

I'm Concerned About my Business' Security

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