Security myth hurting small business

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Security myth hurting small business

A big IT security myth hurting small firms:

MYTH: You think your Practice won’t get hacked because you’re too small, or not important or big enough to be a target.

Data theft is not about how important your files are to others. It’s about how important they are to YOU: your Firm’s ongoing operations, and compliance requirements.

Backup blues

I have yet to meet an Practice Manager who isn’t shocked to learn they have been hacked. What I find shocking, as an IT Provider, is how often a hack reveals a Firm’s backup has not been working, or was never actioned. If your Firm:

  • doesn’t backup;
  • doesn’t backup regularly;
  • doesn’t backup everything; or
  • your backup isn’t working

I strongly recommend you act now so that, if you get hacked, recovery is a simple download. IMPORTANT: If your Firm does suffer a breach, it must be reported to the Australian Privacy Commissioner immediately!

Fix your doubts now

If you would like to get independent help testing your backup, or fact finding, but not necessarily looking for a new IT Provider, please call the team at itro now. For $225.00 ex-GST we will send one of our senior engineers to your selected Melbourne Practice. As you watch, our engineer will find out if you have a backup solution, what is being backed up, and test – through to ‘live’ data restore – if your backup is working. Testing in most cases will take less than an hour. Everything identified onsite with you will be documented and emailed to you as written report within two (2) working business days.

Fix your doubts now. Call itro on 1800 10 3000 or email me at [email protected]

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