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Don’t have a backup? Read here

A big IT security myth hurting small firms:

You think your Practice won’t get hacked because you’re too small, or not important or big enough to be a target.

Regardless of how a hack is enabled – momentary lapse in concentration, lack of thought or lack of planning –  not having a working backup solution will hurt your Firm’s finances and reputation. You can significantly minimise risk by implementing a two-fold approach to your team and technology.

Snatch victory from defeat

Team defense:

Never underestimate the level of criminal intelligence hackers use to snare unwary or distracted professionals, and how easily data can be stolen! Keep your team as alert and committed as you are to blocking attacks through regularly reminders.

Tip: Regularly remind your team to be cautious of :

  • emails from unknown entities;
  • emails requesting transfer of money or data; and
  • clicking on links from unsolicited emails.

For more practical tips on blocking email scams, read these two articles on itro’s website:

Technical defense:

Failing to plan is planning to fail! If you don’t have a working backup, and your Firm suffers a malicious attack, your recovery options will be limited and unpleasant:

  1. Pay the hacker: DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION!
  • Firstly, it rewards criminal behaviour.
  • Secondly, hackers don’t come cheap! They commonly ask for thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to give back your data.
  • Lastly, even if you pay, you have no guarantee you will get your data back. In part, or at all.
  1. Outsource Your Data Recovery. This may be possible, but you’ll need to engage a specialist provider for this service. And they don’t come cheap!

Act now so that, if you get hacked, recovery is a simple download.

5 simple steps will greatly reduce the risk of your Firm’s data being stolen (read more on itro’s website here: 5 steps to protect your data from theft).

Our job is helping Practice Managers and in-house IT look good

itro provides a range of IT support, computer support and help desk services for law firms, legal practices and sole practitioners in Melbourne and its suburbs. We help Firms maintain safe, compliant IT environments through our outsourced, local team of IT engineers. Our job is to make you look good!

If you would like to get independent advice on backup solutions suited to legal Firms, please 1300 10 3000 or email [email protected]. Or check us out at www.itro.com.au

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