Slow Internet Disrupting Business?

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Slow Internet Disrupting Business?

Slow Internet Disrupting Business?

Answer ‘yes’ to any of one the following questions and your Internet Connection is too slow!

  • Are your staff unhappy with how slow their Cloud Apps are?
  • Are your online backups not working?
  • Are you getting constant complaints from your satellite offices about slow emails, document management or Internet access?

Your problem could be your ADSL2+ connection!

With the growth of Cloud and other online services, businesses are more dependent than ever on fast Internet connections. ADSL2+ struggles to cope with that demand, often resulting in disruption to your business. Perhaps you are sceptical that the problem is as simple as upgrading your connection, or this recommendation is a cheap grab at up-selling to a more expensive service. But think about this.

Installation of a fast Ethernet Internet connection can give you guaranteed upload/download speeds that are locked in, no matter what time of day you use it. Using Ethernet instead of ADSL2+ is like driving on an empty freeway instead of a backcountry dirt lane. You will notice the difference!

What made you choose your current ADSL2+ connection? Price? Availability? Promises of fast upload/download? Or have your needs changed, making your old connection obsolete?

With ADSL2+ you get what you pay for. Whilst ‘up to 24mbps’ download speeds are advertised, typical delivery is closer to 6-8mbps download and only 0.5 uploads. That is why big data uploads like remote backup can take forever or do not work and why your remote workers hate working from home!

Advertised connection speeds for ADSL2+ are based on ‘theoretical factors’. They are often not business-grade (if you have a problem, it won’t be fixed quickly) and are often over-subscribed, which means connection speeds grind to a slow crawl when all subscribers use it at the same time… business hours! That is why ADSL2+ connection speeds are advertised as ‘up to’.

As well as poor performance, we’re seeing an increase in the failure rate of ADSL2+ connections. In many instances, the providers and owners of the old copper cables in the ground just don’t care about ADLS2+ issues. This is resulting in really poor response and rectification times, not to mention general speed and performance.

Ethernet Internet connections use different technology to ADSL2+. Most Ethernet products have a guaranteed speed, so if you buy a 20/20Mpbs service, the network provider will do whatever they need to do to make the service meet that speed. As well as speed, Ethernet services are primarily business grade with quick response times in the event of a problem. In short, an Ethernet Internet connection is what your business needs!

itro supply a range of different Ethernet options delivered over copper, fibre or NBN and we know which ones work well and which ones are cheap and nasty. Give us a call and tell us what your business needs!

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