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How Private is Your Data?

Data SecurityToday is Data Privacy Day

Just what we need – another ‘day’ on our calendar! But it is a good reminder to stop and ask yourself how private is your data? Alternatively, if you are an organisation, it can be a time to review how good a job you do of protecting the data you collect.

Unfortunately, data theft has become one of the worlds largest growing crimes. Different types of fraud include credit card, internet scams, identity theft. Here at itro we have seen a real increase in the number of attacks our client networks come under each day, some being directly targeted attacks, others being users falling victim to different types of email scams.

People are often very security conscious about the physical security of their premises, particularly their business premises. Often times though an organisations budget for data security is much less than they spend on locks and alarms on their office.  A single cyber attack resulting in a data security breach, however, could end up costing many thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to recover from.

Some points to think about on Data Privacy Day:

  • Do your staff understand the importance of data security, the risks involved and what counter measures they should take?
  • Have you communicated to your staff your privacy policy and provided appropriate training?
  • How do you dispose of your digital assets, eg. old phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s, USB drives, memory cards, thumb drives?
  • Do you know how your partners manage data that you exchange with them?
  • Do you know what data security legislation your organisation is obliged to comply with?

At itro we can assist with the technology aspect of protecting your data. At the same time though, each organisation needs to ensure it has done it’s due diligence and implemented the correct procedures to keep their data private.

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