Small Businesses Lose Millions Due To Not Securely Backing Up Data

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Small Businesses Lose Millions Due To Not Securely Backing Up Data

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Do You Think Your Data Is At Risk?

A key factor behind people and businesses deciding to not securely[1] backup their data is misunderstanding what makes their data valuable. On the weekend I saw another tragic example of how this common assumption hurts so many people and businesses (see photo). It’s sad to see another person has been hurt by a malicious act, but it’s also frustrating. Only after being robbed has someone realised it wasn’t their device they had to worry about – it’s the priceless photos they may never get back. What do you think their chances are of recovering them? Imagine how they’re feeling… and what they’d do differently given a second chance! PLEASE ACT: Despite numerous articles begging businesses to protect their data, small to medium businesses aren’t acting and now make up the biggest segment of businesses being hurt or destroyed by data theft. In May this year ACCC reported that, ‘Small businesses with fewer than 20 staff were most likely to be targeted by scammers and accounted for more than 75 per cent of reports to the ACCC. Businesses were most likely to be targeted with false billing scams (1819 reports) but investment, hacking and phishing scams also caused significant losses.’

Find Out Right Now How Much Your Data Is Worth To Others

You don’t need to pay anything to do this. You don’t need to sign-up to some organisation or risk clicking an unknown link to find out what your data is worth. Just ask yourself these simple questions:
  1. If you lost any of your business data today – files, photos, financial data, client contact details, etc – what would YOU pay to get it back?
  2. How many days could your business operate if you lost all your financial records?
  3. Could your business survive the loss of reputation that comes with a data breach?[2]
Your data is worth the value YOU put on it. It comes down to how vital your data is to keeping your business operating and profitable, and how important it is for you to keep the trust and confidence of your clients.

Prevention Really Is Better Than A Cure!

Proactively stopping malicious attacks is infinitely preferably to trying to act after your data gets stolen. Please, stop underestimating the value of your data! If you currently only keep saved copies of your data on your devices and designated server in your office, please reconsider and organise a separate, secure backup solution today.

File, Or File And Systems Backup

Once you realise how valuable your data, it becomes easy for you to define what data is critical to your day to day operations and, therefore, needs backup recovery protection. That could cover just files, or files and systems. itro offers two backup business-grade solutions for backup recovery: itro FBR for files, or itro SBR for files and systems. Check out our two solutions and complete pricing on our website. If you like what you read, or want to know more, please call us 1800 10 3000, or email us [email protected] for more help.


[1] ‘Securely’ involves saving a backup of your data to a different physical location to your device or servers, or to a backup cloud solution. Preferably both.

[2] Under the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme any organisation or agency the Privacy Act 1988 covers must notify affected individuals and the OAIC when a data breach is likely to result in serious harm to an individual whose personal information is involved.
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