Think Before You Click, Instagram’s Viral ‘New Rule’ Won’t Save You

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Think Before You Click, Instagram’s Viral ‘New Rule’ Won’t Save You

Just Because Someone Says It’s True…

In our digitally connected world spreads news faster than ever. Someone sees, feels or thinks something and posts it onto a social media platform. The trouble is, we’re all so busy, so ready to accept that someone prominent “must know what they’re talking about”, or ready to believe what we read/see without questioning that discerning fact from fiction can easily be overlooked.

A message I received through my Instagram account today is a good example. A trusted friend posted a message about Instagram’s ‘new rule’ on their privacy policy around use of photos. It pressed every ‘button’ on my scare scale. “Deadline today!!!” “Everything you’ve ever posted becomes public from today…” “It can be used in court cases in litigation against you…” GASP! What the hell? What have I joined?

Have you seen this post? Apparently, it’s gone viral. And, like any good chain mail letter, it demands action. In this case, forwarding the message on through my account will somehow indemnify me against Instagram’s policies.


Instagram Application

Think It Through, Check The ‘Facts’

It was the implied ‘call to action’ that tripped my suspicions. How would forwarding an excerpt of a post protect me legally? It’s not even my words! So, onto my browser to search, ‘new Instagram rule on photos’ (because everything can be found on the ‘Net) to be better informed. Below is a snippet of the top search entries that came up.

Take Control!

So, are you interested in knowing what Instagram can legally do with your photos?

Dear reader, this post is all about getting YOU to take control. Instead of taking my word for it, do the research! Instagram does have a Privacy Policy. If you have an Instagram account, it’s something you need and should be familiar with. Do more research. There’s no limit to the type and amount of information you can get off the ‘Net BUT… it’s not all true. Even images get doctored.

Please, take time when reading posts and articles. A couple of good background questions for you to keep in mind are:

  • Who could profit from this information?
  • Am I giving away too much personal/sensitive information?
  • If it sounds odd, or too good to be true, I need to do more research.

Finally, if you’re unsure about the privacy guidelines of any social media platform you have joined then take out time today to read through them. Social platforms are first and foremost businesses. If you don’t take steps to protect yourself, and your personal information, why should they?

Be safe, readers.

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