Three Steps to Protect Your Files

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Three Steps to Protect Your Files

Stealing data is about making money –  and it’s the fastest growing, biggest cyber breach affecting Australian businesses. Sadly, businesses who fail to heed warnings on how to protect their data continue to fall victim – and continue to be surprised when it happens to them! This post includes three steps to protect your files from cryptolocker attacks.

Safe – Unsafe

Files that are saved on your network servers and backed up can be recovered. Data that sits on your C-drive or stand-alone device/s are not backed up, and not safe.

Be safe

  1. Make sure all necessary data is included in your regular back up!
  2. Make sure your backup is working. Keep checking this on a regular basis.
  3. Keep reminding your team that data left on hard-drives or stand-alone devices is not safe!

Have itro manage your data backup

itro Secure Online Cloud Backup does multiple backups of networked data every day. Our engineers regularly check your backups are working. All you need to do is remind your team to save/keep data on your network.

If you’re concerned data is being missed off your backup, or saved in unsafe locations, ring itro now on 1300 10 3000 and we will do a complete systems scan for you. If you’re worried your staff are exposing your data to risk, talk to us about solutions that exist to manage stand-alone PCs.

Do you have what’s needed to protect your business? Find out here ‘Four Steps to Protect Yourself from CryptoLockers’

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