Top 8 Signs Your Password Is Weak

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Weak Password

Top 8 Signs Your Password Is Weak

Creating and remembering a secure password

Creating a strong password is easy. However, remembering it… is another thing.

Experts suggest thinking of a sentence that is memorable for you and abbreviating it a unique way to form a password. Here are some sample sentences that might inspire you:

I love to eat Italian Food = 1luv2EItF00d!

Oh no! Collingwood made it to the grand final = Ohno!Cw00d2GF!

My first house was at Fake Street and rent was $250 a week = 1sthous3fkSt$250

itro strongly suggests using a password manager, such as LastPass. A password manager assists in generating complex and secure passwords. The passwords are stored in an encrypted database for you

Does your password consist any of the below tactics?

1. Dictionary words:

Using a word from the dictionary, including words in any languages, makes it easier for a hacker to crack your password. Hackers generally use the below formula when trying to crack passwords:

Word from the dictionary + number(s). For example, Password1

2. Compromised passwords

Use haveibeenpawned? to check whether any of your email accounts have been compromised. If so, change all your passwords to a new and never used password.

3. Simple phrases

ilovegeelongcats or ilovemydogs

4. Personal information

For example using your mum’s maiden last name + year of birth is not secure.

5. Using your username

Avoid using details from your username / email.

6. Replacement Characters

Don’t rely on obvious substitutions because hackers are very aware of this age-old trick and often seek out passwords consisting of dictionary words with replacement characters.  For example: Wat3rp0l0

7. Repeating Characters

Such as, 111111 or AAAAAA

8. Keyboard patterns

For example, qwerty or 12345

itro can help

We can configure your network to demand complex passwords from your users or enforce a password change every x-number of days. Please ring us directly on 1800 10 3000 or email your request to [email protected] if you want more information or take up our suggestions.

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