Are Multiple Monitors Better Than One Screen?

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Multiple monitors make work easier

Are Multiple Monitors Better Than One Screen?

Why Multiple Monitors Are Better Than One!

Once you make the change, you’ll never go back!

If you are not already using multiple screens, let me just say from personal experience, you are missing out big time!

I am always surprised to hear busy professionals opt to use only one monitor for their workstation. If you’re used to one screen you might dismiss the idea of having multiple monitors as a sales gimmick.

That is what I thought BEFORE I used two screens. I could not see the benefit. But once I got my second monitor connected, WOW! Now I wonder how I managed before using one screen.

My multiple monitors set up: 

What have I learned from using multiple monitors?

The benefits of using multiple monitors definitely outweigh the disadvantages. I’ve shared both so you can make your own decision about the setup you want for your workstation. I’ve also tapped into some interesting statistics and thoughts from a 2006 Microsoft research project on Large Displays (big screens). 

Benefits from using multiple screens:

  • Productivity: Two monitors have dramatically increased my productivity at work. It turns out my experience is not unique, just a bit late. Jon Peddie Research (JPR), an industry research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, released a Report on 16 October 2017 agreeing with my findings. Their Report showed information workers, designers, and engineers can realize up to a 42% increase in productivity through the use of multiple displays.
  • Cross Referencing: If you work across multiple app, documents or spreadsheets, flicking between pages can become confusing. A moments confusion is frustrating and can lead to editing mistakes. Rather than opening and closing documents as you work, or squeezing several onto one screen, display your documents side-by-side across multiple screens. It’s so much easier to work with and read!
  • Multitasking:
    Fact: juggling multiple tasks, such as checking a CRM system while replying to an email, is a lot easier with two or more screens! But what if your main business device is a laptop? Is it worth having a second large second screen ready to connect to your laptop to? Yes, multiple monitors gives you the best setup. You already have the portability of your laptop and gain the added usability and productivity of using a large monitor whenever you want!
  • Your well-being: As a case study by Samsung acknowledged, ‘…creating a comfortable and efficient environment that interfaces with multiple screens and peripherals has the potential to significantly impact both workplace productivity and employees’ well-being.’ (Second Screens: The Benefits of Multiple Monitors) Lockdowns experienced by workers around the world in 2019-2021 have further highlighted the importance of having a well thought out, ergonomic set up at both your office and home residence.

Disadvantages of using multiple monitors:

  • Your desk space: Back in 2006, Microsoft released an overview of their research into Large Displays. They found the top reason participants cited for not running multiple monitors was fear of not having enough desktop space. Is that same fear holding you back now? Multiple screens do take up more space but ask yourself, how much time do you spend each day staring at your monitor, accessing the virtual world of online business? What benefits would come from using multiple display devices for your daily business tasks? Note my desk setup above. I have two 22″ screens plus my laptop docking station, and still have plenty of space on my desk. I also have the option to open my laptop and add it’s screen to my work arsenal. 
  • Cost: Large monitors are no longer a premium purchase, and several manufacturers offering great business-grade monitors perfect for a wide range of desk and Reception setups. Whilst the cost of an additional screen is low, it is still something to consider.

Is it hard to setup multiple monitors?

No! It isn’t difficult to set up a second monitor, and it can be done relatively inexpensively.

Be aware of making sure your device has a graphics card that supports multiple monitors (most new business-grade devices can). It depends on how old your device is. 

Are you using a new PC or laptop?

  • Yes: Then likely your PC or laptop will have more than 1 display port allowing you to plug in multiple monitors. You will not need anything extra.
  • No: You may require a HP DisplayPort To VGA Adapter in addition to the monitor. This is because older models generally only have 1 display port. This is your opportunity to get a new device that supports multiple screens and improves your productivity.

Also consider how much desk space you have available. Most desks, whether in an office or home, will support two 22” displays (a common dual monitor configuration). However however you may need a smaller screen. If you’re primary device is a laptop, getting a large second screen or screens will make a huge difference to your eye comfort and working productivity.

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