Are you using multiple monitors?

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Are you using multiple monitors?

If not, make the change now – you’ll never go back

If you are not using two screens, let me just say from personal experience, you are missing out big time!

A couple of weeks ago I was surprised to learn some lawyers and financial firms opt to use only one screen. If you only use one screen right now, it is hard to imagine why a second screen would even be useful.

That is what I thought BEFORE I used two screens – I could not see the benefit. It was a different story once I got my two screens going!

Example of my two screens: 

Here are what I have found are the benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits from using two screens:

  • Productivity: Two monitors have dramatically increased my productivity at work. Don’t believe me? A study by Microsoft found productivity could increase by 9%1. Productivity can increase up to 50% for specific tasks such as cutting and pasting it1. Additionally, Jon Peddie Research found 20-30% increase in workers with multiple monitors2.
  • Cross Referencing:If you work across multiple documents or spreadsheets, or access multiple web pages simultaneously, flicking between pages can become confusing, frustrating and lead to editing mistakes. Rather than be confined to opening and closing documents as you work, or squeezing several documents onto one screen, utilise the ease of having multiple documents displayed side-by-side, across screens. It’s so much easier to work with and read!
  • Multitasking: Checking a CRM system while replying to an email is a lot easier when you have two screens.

Disadvantages of two monitors:

  • Desk space: More desk space is required to fit two screens
  • Cost:Whilst the cost for an additional screen is considerably low (see below), it is still something to consider.

Our two most popular monitors:

Samsung E45 22″ Wide<

  • Superior picture quality with fast response time
  • Natural viewing comfort with Eye saver mode and Flicker free
  • Ergonomic design and improved connectivity

Samsung E65 24″ WIDE(16:10) LED

  • Upscale your view with a 24″ screen.
  • Wider viewing angles
  • Elegant design: slim, sleek and stylish
  • Tilt and pivot functions: maneuver the screen to suit your needs

Dell 24″ UltraSharp Monitor

Enjoy a widescreen performance with this ultra sharp monitor. With a 24″ 16:10 panel, IPS technology and led backlight, provides great view, plus adjustability to suit your needs.

What else may you need?

Are you using a new PC or laptop?
  • Yes:It is likely your PC and maybe your laptop will have more than 1 display port allowing you to plug in multiple monitors. You will not need anything extra
  • No:You may require a HP DisplayPort To VGA Adapter in addition to the monitor. This is because older models generally only have 1 display port.

Displayport adapter

Unsure what you require? Call itro on 1300 10 3000.

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