Ways to Protect Yourself From Malware and Viruses!

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Ways to Protect Yourself From Malware and Viruses!

Brace Yourselves, The Viruses Are Coming!

The growth in malicious attacks on Australian businesses is ridiculous! You can read the latest stats on ‘The Cost of Cybercrime to Australia’ by StaySmartOnline.gov.au here, but in all likelihood, you know someone whose company has been attacked.

60% of all targeted attacks have been on small and medium business, and the average cost to a business is $276,323.

Your choice is that you can either leave yourself exposed or act now!

INFECTED (Virus) PROTECTED (Antivirus)
Program or piece of code is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge that is designed to give cybercriminals access and cause damage to your device, network, and business. You decide to activate a program designed to prevent, detect and remove computer viruses/malware, and protect your day-to-day business activities.
Common infection methods Stop infection
  • Visiting untrustworthy websites
  • Clickbait
  • Downloading an infected file via email or portable device, like a USB stick
  • Install and maintain antivirus software and firewall.
  • Sign up to one of our itro plans to protect your devices and business

Detect, prevent, destroy: itro makes it easy

We really want you to have basic security for your devices. Believe us, it’s easier and MUCH cheaper to implement protective measures than retrospectively try to fix things or recover data after an attack.

You may not have given antivirus protection much thought before now, but it’s not something you should be without. (If you haven’t already clicked on ‘The Cost of Cybercrime to Australia’ link, please have a quick look at it now.)

Interestingly, it gives a stat on the average cost to a business from a malware attack – something you can avoid by having antivirus software. StaySmartOnline.gov.au states a malware attack usually costs a business $458 dollars. That doesn’t sound too bad. But if you have 10 people, using 20 devices, you could have protected your team for a 12-month period for $200 ex GST with itro.

I Want Protection from Malware and Viruses!

Call itro on 1800 10 3000 or email at [email protected] to sign up to itro Core or for any general information you may want to know.

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