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Microsoft Teams is Running the Scene

Microsoft Teams is overtaking Skype4B 

Have you heard Skype for Business (Skybe4B) is going to be replaced by Microsoft Teams?

The new Office 365 features:

  1. All the good stuff from Skype4B is being transferred to Teams.
  2. Skype for Business will continue to exist, as a secondary platform, and be supported by Microsoft on-premises and in the Cloud. You can keep using it if you like.
  3. Microsoft is making Teams a hub for Office 365 users, we can access anything to do with chatting, meeting and sharing docs from Teams.

Microsoft is moving away from Skype4B because it’s built on an older tech platform. Teams was built for the cloud, Microsoft’s programmers have limitless scope to expand its capabilities and they’ve already got big plans on how they’ll do that.

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