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PBX phone system

Communication is likely a big concern

If you have just started out setting up your small business, communication is likely a big concern. Efficient communication is essential to ensuring that your business runs smoothly and efficiently, thereby allowing it room to grow and expand. Similarly, a good communication system is important for keeping up to date with clients, partners, and employees who may be situated further afield. Even the smallest business needs to be able to connect people quickly to a large number of different extensions in order to keep phone lines free from clutter and confusion. One of the best solutions for communications within any business, small or large, is a PBX phone system. You may find yourself asking just what is a PBX phone system, and how can you find one that suits your business’ needs?

What is a PBX Phone System?

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system is system that traditionally includes several telephone handsets which offer businesses a greater degree of control over call handling. Nowadays, however, these more traditional handset-based solutions are becoming less and less common. Instead, virtual PBX software is becoming more frequently used across businesses of all sizes. Virtual PBX software is an advanced type of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software which incorporates a range of features to help manage calls within your business as well as handle calls from clients and customers. These have quickly become more popular than traditional PBX solutions due to their wider range of features and their reduced hardware costs.

What Should You Look for in a PBX Phone System?

Nowadays, virtual PBX software is a powerful set of tools which are invaluable to most any company who makes proper use of them. In order to find the solution that’s right for your company, you need to first assess what features will best benefit your company. Traditional PBX systems offer a range of extension numbers to help manage all traffic, such as recorded information, cell phones, home numbers, main offices, and remote workers all being reached at different extensions under the same business number. These features come as standard in any modern virtual PBX software, but there are also many more features offered that make these systems desirable. In addition to traditional phone system capabilities, these virtual PBX systems also offer a range of other useful features such as collaborative video call systems, multi-channel features for web chat, e-mail, and voice calling, as well as a much lower set of overhead costs. One of the finest solutions available on the market which makes use of all of these features and more is Avaya phone systems.

Why Avaya Phone Systems?

As a small business, Avaya phone systems are truly one of the best places to start looking. Avaya phone systems have a wide range of services available to suit businesses of any size and any needs, so you can be sure that they will have a solution available for your small business. In addition to features such as the Avaya IP softphone technology, Avaya phone systems also have the option to make use of the power and interconnectivity of the cloud in order to boost the speed and security of your business’ communications. On top of this, Avaya phone systems are designed to work on existing hardware such as desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets. The Avaya IP softphone program therefore is ideal for small businesses who need a solution that can work with their current IT solution, without the need for expensive installation charges or maintenance costs. Using the immense power of the cloud, Avaya phone systems can connect your business to clients and partners around the world at the drop of a hat, allowing for real-time collaboration. This usefulness is compounded by Avaya phone systems’ ease of use, allowing users to simply download Avaya IP softphone directly to their own system in order to start collaborating right away. Of course, Avaya phone systems also offer great customer interfacing solutions. By making use of Avaya’s automated call systems, your business can cut down on the amount of time spent handling calls, increase the number of calls handled, and bring down the costs of your contact centre. Avaya IP softphone software also allows you to track performance and analytics of your contact centre across different objectives to ensure that the software is working to the best of its capabilities. When you ask what is a PBX phone system, the only answer for the modern day is Avaya phone systems.

PBX Phone System for Good Communication

For any small business, good communication between the business, customers, and partners can be a stressful consideration, especially for those not clued up about what is a PBX phone system. However, modern-day virtual PBX software is a perfect and easy solution that any small business can quickly get to grips with and make use of to really bolster their business’ performance. By making use of solutions such as Avaya phone systems, your small business can see a massive decline in the stress associated with communications as well as a huge upsurge in the efficiency of its communication. There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than poorly managed phone systems, long hold times, and slow call handling. Luckily, Avaya IP softphone makes short work of all of these by incorporating automated tools as well as offering a range of support solutions for your contact centre. In addition to the customer and client interfacing solutions, the collaboration options provided by Avaya phone solutions are second to none. With their ease of use and quick, cloud-based collaborative design, these features make Avaya’s IP softphone solutions some of the best on the market. It is no wonder that in today’s faster, more inter-connected market virtual PBX software has overtaken traditional PBX solutions by a wide margin. For small businesses, the quick to install and easy to manage nature of Avaya phone solutions makes them an ideal solution for any communication challenge. What is a PBX phone system? By today’s standards, the only satisfactory answer to that question is Avaya phone solutions.

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