What is the Best Business Phone System for Small Businesses

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What is the Best Business Phone System for Small Businesses

What is the Best Business Phone System for Small Businesses

Starting a small business can entail a lot of challenges and difficulties, not least of which is setting up your business phone system. For businesses of any size, phone systems are incredibly important as they are the main point of contact between corporate, customers, clients, and business partners. For this reason, making sure that your small business telephone system is the best option for your particular needs is incredibly important. For many, finding the best business phone system for their small business can prove difficult as they are often unsure as to what they should be looking for in their business phone system. A good solution in the past has been PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone solutions, which allow businesses to make use of more advanced telephony systems such as extension management and recorded telephone systems. However, these have fallen somewhat out of favour in recent years as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions have become much more powerful. Therefore, when considering what the best business phone system for your business is, it is important to factor in these more modern solutions.

What is the Benefit of a VoIP Solution?

VoIP phones have become increasingly popular within the past decade or so due mostly to their low costs and their ease of use, not to mention the vast number of features that software phones (softphones) afford users. For the consumer market, softphone solutions such as Skype have proven extremely popular due to their ability to handle not only phone calls but also video calls, instant messaging, and file exchange. Business VoIP solutions offer all of this and much more, as they are built with business solutions in mind. Most of the time, softphone based business phone systems include features that incorporate all of these modern benefits as well as the management benefits offered by traditional business phone systems. Additionally, virtual PBX solutions bring with them the benefit of being much more affordable than their more traditional business phone system counterparts, due largely to the fact that these systems can usually run on existing hardware such as laptop and desktop computers as well as modern smart devices such as tablet and smartphones. Therefore, there is no need to buy in a range of proprietary hardware as once there was. This greatly reduces their set up costs, making them excellent solutions as a small business telephone system. One of the best business phone systems available today is Avaya phone systems, which makes use of all of these features and more.

What are Avaya Phone Systems?

Avaya phone systems are a comprehensive range of small business telephone systems that offer the very best in modern-day usability and good old fashioned business management. Avaya phone systems come with a traditional set of tools such as call handling and extension management built right into their softphone programs, but they also add a good many features to these such as automated call systems. These systems can make short work of hold times and increase the number of calls handled, which is not only a great boon to your contact centre but is also sure to increase customer satisfaction. In addition to this, Avaya phone solutions come with a range of analytic tools which allow your business to keep tabs on different objectives and communications, meaning that you can easily target anything that needs to be changed, meaning that you can be sure that the software is working to benefit your company to its fullest. In addition to these features, Avaya phone systems come with a range of collaborative tools that allow your business to interface quickly and easily with clients and partners with just a few clicks. Avaya phone systems come with cloud-based video conferencing tools which make use of the speed and power of the cloud in order to deliver great video quality and powerful collaboration tools. One of the most significant benefits of Avaya phone systems is that they require no special hardware. They can simply be installed on any existing IT and then used with ease. This makes Avaya phone systems perhaps the best business phone system for small businesses, combining the raw power of the cloud with the ease of use of a consumer VoIP client. By making proper use of the tools incorporated in Avaya’s softphone software and by ensuring that your contact centre is working to the best of its abilities, you can be sure to provide the best experience not only for your partners and employees but more importantly for your customers.

The Best Business Phone system

A small business telephone system can be difficult to seek out, as there are many different options available. However, when looking for the best business phone system for your small business it is important to look to those companies who are offering solutions specifically tailored to businesses of your size. Many a business phone system is built only with large corporations in mind and therefore does not make full use of the flexibility allowed to smaller businesses, meaning that these systems can often fall short when catering to the smaller business market. However, Avaya phone systems offer a great set of solutions for a small business telephone system. Their range of software incorporates businesses of all sizes, ranging from small teams to large multi-national corporations, meaning that when you are researching the best business phone system for your business, they are definitely worth your consideration. With a huge number of tools available throughout their extensive range of solutions, Avaya phone systems make it easy for you to find a solution that offers the right tools for your business’ operations. The best business phone system is one that not only increases productivity but also allows your business to find new ways to collaborate and bring about new ideas. A small business telephone system should be easy to use and should provide the best possible experience for customers and employees alike. This is why Avaya phone systems remain perhaps the best business phone system for your small business.

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