Why You Should Update Your Windows 7 Devices Now

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Why You Should Update Your Windows 7 Devices Now

Goodbye Windows 7

Microsoft has locked in 14 January 2020 to stop all support for Windows 7. It marks the death knell for their well-used and outdated operating system (OS).

Microsoft has taken a ‘softly-softly’ approach to encourage businesses to leave Windows 7 behind, starting by ending mainstream support in 2015. It’s since been superseded by two new operating systems (Windows 8 and 10), and still, businesses don’t want to give Windows 7 up. So, Microsoft has locked in a date for a final death blow: on January 2020 Microsoft will stop all support for Windows 7.

Can you upgrade your Windows 7 devices to Windows 10?

An upgrade isn’t a practical option, because devices running Windows 7 are old by technology standards and unlikely to be capable of driving Microsoft’s next-gen OS. Wishing you could upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 is like wanting to upgrade your old car engine to be electric. The car/device won’t be worth the money it will cost you to upgrade.

Stay safe – end of life is a Ticking Time bomb

Operating systems must be kept up to date to outsmart security threats and malicious attacks. Once a manufacturer ends support (proactive monitoring and supply of software fixes), devices with an obsolete OS become easy gateways for malicious attack. Any devices you have with Windows 7 are ticking time bombs that will blow a hole in your business’s IT defences come January 2020.

Upside to choosing when to say goodbye

Microsoft has chosen when to give the death blow to Windows 7, but at least you can still choose which financial year is the best one for your business to buy new devices (read ATO’s advice on depreciating assets here). Now is a good time to talk to your accountant or financial adviser about tax implications to and the best approach for your business.

As well as new devices and tax benefits, you get Microsoft’s latest-generation OS and their highest focus and commitment to ongoing device security.

Help Me Update My Windows Devices

Call itro on 1800 10 3000 or email [email protected] to chat with one of our experts on how much it will cost to replace your old Windows devices.

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