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#2 Tip for Windows Users

How to Connect Your Laptop to External Screens using Windows Mobility Centre

When in an office, you can use Windows Mobility Centre to connect your laptop to full-size screens, projectors or boardroom screens.

1. Hold down your Windows and ‘P’ keys simultaneously: +P

2. Choose how you want to project your laptop screen. Options include:

PC screen only – N/A

Duplicate – duplicates your laptop screen to an external screen or screens.

Extend – extends your laptop display to selected screens, making it easier to view/work across multiple windows simultaneously.

Second screen only – projects your work to an external screen and switches off the display on your laptop screen.

Connecting to Wireless Displays:

When you open the Project Screen ( +P) the link, ‘Connect to a wireless display’ at the bottom of the projection options lets you search for wireless and audio devices.

Get Your Resolution Right:

You may need to modify your screen resolution. This can be done via Settings on your device. Access ‘Settings’ by clicking on the Windows icon followed by the Settings icon displayed on the bottom left of your screen:

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