What You Should Know About Antivirus Software

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What You Should Know About Antivirus Software

What You Should Know About Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is a computer program that identifies, prevents and removes harmful and threatening software programs such as Trojans, worms, viruses etc. Computers can be shielded and protected against viruses by installing anti-virus software, such as Webroot® SecureAnywhere™. Viruses are software designed to attack and intentionally disrupt the operation of computers and their records and files. They can delete data from the victim’s computer and can spread from computer to computer and through the Internet. They could potentially send valuable and important information back to the source, including even your bank details and personal information.

Computers that don’t have anti-virus software installed are weak and an easy target for viruses.

They can be infected within minutes of connecting to the Internet if unprotected. Antivirus protection software detects threats and malware constantly and prevents your PC from being infected.

The basic function of anti-virus software is to:

  • Present a visual or written report about your computer’s health
  • Thwart any attempt to target your business or business data
  • Enable the user to schedule automatic scans daily, weekly or monthly
  • Enable the user to scan a certain file, area or program at any time
  • Remove any malicious content or threats – anti-virus software sometimes informs you if you have an infection and gives you the option of cleaning the file, deleting it, resetting it etc.

It would be wise for you to make sure that you have installed the best antivirus on your system. Doing so would protect you and your business against invaders and other unwanted parties that can affect the operation and ‘health’ of your PC. Even if you browse carefully and have your firewall enabled, it still isn’t enough to combat any potential attack. You could be a target of cyber attack even if you are taking extreme care when browsing the Internet, but don’t have anti-virus software installed. And whilst a firewall does filter and monitor information you browse, it cannot help when your computer does become infected. Even visiting websites such as YouTube and Facebook can infect your computer.

For small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have in house IT department to implement and monitor anti-virus protection, Webroot® SecureAnywhere™ is the best antivirus to secure them from potential threats to their business and business data.

There are many benefits to having anti-virus software installed on your computer:

The first being its ability to conduct a thorough sophistication scan of your whole system. Following a computer restart an anti-virus software program will a deep and intense scan of all files, hard drives and software to detect any infection or threats.  Then repeatedly scan all vulnerable files entering the system ever moment your computer is running. The regular monitoring and searching will ensure it is virus-free for all know viruses and ‘healthy’.

The second being the protection of your sensitive information. Without anti-virus software installed, your computer is vulnerable and could attract viruses that have the capability of accessing the most important of information by waiting until you next log onto your Internet banking or fill in your personal details for a job and then compromise your computer. Anti-virus software prevents it from happening all together and keeps everything secure.

Not only can anti-virus software be used on your computer, but you can also install it onto your mobile phones, tablets and other devices. It is a very good investment that comes with many benefits and safety features.

If you are looking for the best antivirus software to protect your business and other valuable data against potential theft, trust no other than Webroot® SecureAnywhere™ software.

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